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Zhang Yishan Street kissing boyfriend staff: friends play – Beijing, Beijing, September 8, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Zhang Yishan at the age of 14 because of the show "families with children" has become a well-known star burst of red, 24 year old, he is still the hearts of many people "play skills a little meat, but he was 8, but was broke, and friends, who play with" families with children "Sheng Guansen Street kissing, the whole process of being photographed, scared a lot of loyal fans. Zhang Yishan recently busy filming the day before a rare return to Beijing, he appeared in a small alley lived, was also invited to the orchestra "families with children", with the former child actor buddy Sheng Guansen, two people meet like a road from the afternoon to drink until 2 in the morning, then seems to be playing he hooked his neck, direct friends on the road, street kissing each other, Zhang Yishan finally even in roadside pee Tuoku behavior disorder, so fans are scared silly. In this regard, Zhang Yishan although I also did not respond, but the staff around him through the media to explain: "kiss friends among friends playing", "people have three, at the time when not find the toilet". But the sound response did not get users understanding, many people may say "don’t pee Street quality", "too disappointed".相关的主题文章: