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Xue Cheng: everyone can find their own shadow from the Yin two – Sohu news October 19th, Cheng Cheng told reporters the situation of Longquan temple. Since 2005, as the Longquan Temple Abbot master Xue cheng. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo November 11, 2016, Beijing News published 13 anniversary. For 13 years, is set off again in. This year, the Beijing News recorded tens of millions of faces. They are major political conditions or under the influence of the "mother child", single handedly hunt 17 years of peasant; or to the border in the Mekong River after action of the anti drug police, change the world of entrepreneurs in the forefront of innovation, the depths of the mountain cliff village children; or daehyun village affected villagers, the death of Telecom after the prospective students fraud…… Noisy, complex era, but also need to have the world’s initial beliefs and ideals, love and conscience. In the Beijing News published 13 anniversary, we launched a series of reports on "2016 faces". Look back on the helplessness and pain, happiness and happiness of the people. The land under their feet, and the light on their faces, engraved with the imprint of the times, meaning the power of progress. The face: Master Xuecheng, the Beijing News reporter Fu Shan edit Su Xiaoming | art | Gu Guo Yi | Lu Aiying Lexiao proofreading Dialogues: Master Xuecheng, 16 year old monk, since 2005, the master Xuecheng as Longquan Temple abbot, and in April 21, 2015 he was elected as the new president of the Buddhist Association of China, President of the young at the age of 49 he had ever been. In addition, the school also has the integrity of the CPPCC Standing Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other titles. Dialogue motivation: a catchword in the rise of the Internet: "Shaolin martial arts world, the world geeks out of Longquan." Longquan temple, located in the northwest corner of Beijing, Phoenix Valley, natural scenic area of. Master Xuecheng for 11 years, will this millennium, to build a modern high-tech temple. Longquan temple is like a piece of Buddhist test field, in the construction of the temple 11 years, the study of the various aspects of the development of Chinese Buddhist master of the idea here to take root. From the personnel training to Buddhist education, preaching from the network, animation to various charitable activities, gradually carry out the multilingual translation career, micro-blog, international exchange, and network two red machine monk Yin was born, the Buddhist "theme of the times the inheritance and innovation of" active in this ancient and young. "The temple should restore the pure Temple onion: some evaluation you are a distinctive" Internet thinking "of the abbot, you agree with this statement? Learn to master: the Internet in this field, I have been more concerned about. From the beginning of 1989, I realized that the computer will play an important role in social life, when I was in Putian Guanghua Temple abbot, he started a computer training class, please a Singapore master computer training. From 2006 to open the blog, to the later twitter, micro-blog, and then to the opening of the current public WeChat platform, I am more and more aware of the importance of the Internet to promote Buddhism, but also appreciate the wisdom of Buddhism D相关的主题文章: