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Women’s night alone was to raise a son dragged the car robbery and rape original title: Shao Yangyi was a lone woman to keep his son robbed and raped the Shaoyang news online news women’s night alone, is to raise a son was forcibly dragged into the car, robbery rape. September 21st, Shaoyang County People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of rape, robbery, according to the law approved the arrest of the suspect Wu, a dragon. The suspect Wu longmou, a parent-child relationship. June 16, 2016 morning, the suspect Wu with a long kept driving the van from Shaoyang county to Shaoyang City Road channeling, see the victim named Ma walking alone on the road, two people then get off the victim was forcibly dragged into the car, handcuffed its control. In the car two people take the victim’s verbal threats on apple 6Plus mobile phone and wallet away, and threatened the victim named Ma to call his mother cheated million yuan to exchange two victims bank card. Subsequently, forced sexual relations suspects wumou longmou the victim named Ma to the peak of the five Shaoyang County home town. 15 pm, the suspect longmou took the victim named Ma bank card to Yongzhou city Dongan County Nanqiao town bank removed card the victim’s mother to a total of 19700 yuan of money. 16 evening, the suspect Wu longmou car to take the victim to Shaoyang County Tang Du Kou Zhen after it down. Immediately, the victim of a man called his family and alarm. In August 15th, two suspects were arrested in Shaoyang County Public Security Bureau; in September 21st, two suspects were arrested by Shaoyang County People’s procuratorate.  : Source: Shaoyang news online editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: