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Westward Journey Mobile Games time service booking open beta exclusive massive welfare strikes in November 8th, the "Westward Journey" Mobile Games "time service" full service beta will shock struck, the beta is currently hot in booking activities! In order to repay the majority of game player enthusiastic support, the official recently heavy on the line "service time" beta welfare activities, "Gang build order", "big search order" multiple time service characteristics and welfare activities will be more "game player meet small gold beast advanced" and "daily send Hao Li and other mass game player welfare you win! Come and make an appointment on time service "happy big arena with you! [link] beta welfare service appointment time: time taking beta is coming in advance wonderful benefits waiting for you to the "Westward Journey" Mobile Games upcoming November 8th grand opening "service time" full service appointment is now hot open beta, beta, multiple time service exclusive welfare activities you participate in, surprise gifts to send non-stop! In addition, pay attention to the "Westward Journey" Mobile Games micro-blog, WeChat, and more lucrative clothing exclusive rewards out of time! Come quickly to make an appointment, to experience a more happy things! Reservation service: service appointment time list server name: Android and IOS double platform unequaled in beauty: full service platform beta booking open time: November 1st at 18:00-11 pm on 8 at noon 12:00 full service time: November 8th at 12:00 open beta service website [link] time: Gang appointment to grab reward waiting for you in advance the mysterious "time service" collar take the beta fiery struck on the occasion, the official will launch a "Gang build order welfare activities. Game player can advance to join the Gang Gang or create an appointment, in response to the call, customize their own exclusive Gang, friendship and friends together! (in the gang successfully created, the gang name will be retained for 48 hours in the open service during the other game player cannot register) at the same time, according to the password successfully registered Gang Wang and gang members will also receive official sent "Deluxe Gang title" rich game player welfare! The gang created limited time, have not missed the game player you dream! Big search issued from a period in order to arouse the reunion arena game player at my heart the brotherhood, sharing every game player once the political arena will be the past, the official "service time" released "big game player search order". From November 8th to November 21st, landed in the server and the characters reach level 60 of the game player, will receive a "search order" guidelines for the old message to the opportunity! Whether it is from the three realms, the Quartet brotherhood, or between lovers guard each other move, say what you want to say to TA, there will be a period of reunion arena! (game player to keep friends of mobile phone contact, the official will be in the form of SMS notification) appointment service colorful welfare sent to stop the "Westward Journey" Mobile Games "time service" full service beta is about to hit, in addition to the "Gang build order" and "big search order" two big surprise welfare activities, but also for the official game player for more time service welfare content features within the game, game player to gain new gaming experience! [welfare] at the time of novice pet upgrade service beta, according to the novice game player!相关的主题文章: