Typhoon iRiver cold air continues to affect the 3 day of the Fuzhou minimum of 20 degrees C qqq258.com

Typhoon iRiver cold air continues to affect Fuzhou managing 3 days minimum 20 OC October 9th Fuzhou daily news (reporter Wu Hui Ceng Jianbing correspondent Huang Lvrong Chen Fan) yesterday by the rain today will be "honest", and in 11 days. But with the arrival of the dew solar term, Fuzhou began to cool, the minimum temperature for 3 days in only 20 degrees C. Yesterday evening, Fuzhou cloudy, about 16:00, county (city) district have open rainfall patterns, and is quite fierce. City Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow rainstorm, orange rainstorm warning signal, Minhou meteorological observatory yesterday 17:07 even issued a Red Rainstorm Warning signal. 14:00~17:00 yesterday, Minhou in northern heavy rain, which Minhou Hongwei rainfall reached 92.6 mm. Why it so hard? The reporter learned from the meteorological department, this is because the periphery of Typhoon "Aere" influence, and the cold air strength caused by. Yesterday is the twenty-four solar term in the dew, marked by the cold weather turns cold. Today, overcast with showers in the city, the temperature of 21 degrees C ~25 C / C, overcast with showers on the 10 day, the temperature of ~25 DEG C at 20 degrees C; on the other side of the world, it is cloudy in the morning of 11, and the temperature is at ~27. Also, "Minhou county bamboo Longshan Industrial Zone a backer of the automatic equipment factory beside the stream skyrocketing, dozens of workers trapped in the factory, in urgent need of transfer." Yesterday 19:38, Fuzhou city public security fire brigade command center received a public warning. Minhou County sugarcane alarm fire squadron 7 officers and soldiers rushed to the rescue after. After investigation, around the plant are in the deepest, fast flowing, has not seen the chest. Local village cadres, the plant next to the mountain, if the rain continues, worried about the unstable structure of the mountain, the threat to the factory workers. Fire officers and soldiers immediately in the factory area on the side of the water to set up two sections of the ladder, do a good job of security measures, one by one to shift the workers in the factory. As of 20:30, fire officers and soldiers have been successfully transferred to the plant 52 workers safe.相关的主题文章: