Two rescue Lishui disaster Huang Xiaoming baby then donate $100 thousand

The two Lishui disaster rescue Huang Xiaoming baby and Huang Xiaoming micro-blog donated 100 thousand relief supplies Sina entertainment news on September 28th, Suichang County of Lishui City, Su Village affected by the typhoon landslides occurred, about 20 residential buildings were destroyed by mudslides, as of 29 am, has lost 26 people, 1 people were killed. [micro-blog] Huang Xiaoming and his wife Angela Baby Angelababy after hearing the news, the first time invested 100 thousand yuan to subscribe 300 family emergency relief security box, hope for the people of disaster areas to guarantee the basic needs of life. September 29th, Huang Xiaoming learned that the news of the landslide in Lishui will be the first time for the disaster area to pray for micro-blog: there is hope, but also in the golden rescue period, I hope you all safe!" And immediately donated 100 thousand yuan for the 300 family emergency relief protection box ", Suichang County of Lishui City, directional aid damaged serious Su village. According to the exposure of the material list, each family disaster relief emergency safeguard tank include blankets, raincoats, fleece and warm materials and dental equipment, toilet paper and other necessities, can meet the basic needs of life of the people in the disaster areas. Relief has rescued the experience of Huang Xiaoming also told the staff of tomorrow love fund signs: pay close attention to the needs of the affected people, at any time according to the actual situation to increase aid efforts! It is reported that this is the second time Huang Xiaoming couple aid Lishui. As early as November 2015, Lishui had a serious landslide disasters, Huang Xiaoming was not only the first time to donate 300 thousand yuan, then sent to the disaster area the quilts, blankets and other daily goods, caring leader also specially recorded a video to refuel the people of Lishui, with a warm heart to people in the disaster areas love and encouragement. A year later the Lishui disaster again, Huang Xiaoming’s love is still the first time arrived in the disaster area, do not ban users lamented: "every time the relief are walking in front of brother Xiaoming, big praise!" In the entertainment circle, Huang Xiaoming can be said to be always at the forefront of earthquake relief, the reaction speed, strong execution, it is rare in the star "debris flow", China top philanthropist deserved celebrity couple.相关的主题文章: