Two months of hard man 16 words translation script not a penny also lose confidence in gold –

Two months of hard man 16 words translation script not a penny also lose confidence in Beijing gold in October 28th, received the translation work for more than two months later, when Yin Qi (a pseudonym) have translated 16 words of the script went to the checkout, the scene in front of him surprised: he had to recruit Chinese Lions Gate part-time translation the (Beijing) advertising media Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Lion Gate Tang") has gone, then, he found that all the phone left the firm have been "out of service". To be taken away, and Yin Qi had signed the contract, the company with "the Lion Gate script has not yet taken", "pay confidential gold" on the grounds, charged 2400 yuan. Recently, more than 10 victims to reflect Beijing Youth Daily reporter, they encountered the Lions Gate Tangren recruitment fraud, which was located in Beijing Chaoyang District Jinyu building Cola "company", under the guise of recruiting all kinds of language script translation, for each applicant 1200 yuan to 4800 yuan ranging from "secret gold". Then, when a few months after the candidates to complete the more than and 10 words of the translation work, go to the company to receive the contract draft, the promise of 20 thousand -3 million "money", but found that the company has locked the door. More than the victims said, they have to report to the police station three. Set for script translation is "confidential" for thousands of yuan at the beginning of September, Japanese professional recruitment page browsing Yin Qi, a lion gate Tang (Beijing) advertising media Co., Recruitment Information attracted his attention. The advertising media company claiming to be "- Jizhao Japanese translation, accept graduates (take home work)," jobs out of the monthly salary is 15001-20000 yuan, but also part-time ". Yin Qi post a few days after the resume, this part of the company to recruit part-time script translation, sent to the Yin Qi interview notice. Yin Qi recalled, the company is located in Beijing Chaoyang District Shuangqiao Jinyu coke 21 storey building, dozens of square meters in size, there are two layers, a layer of more than and 10 people work at the station, the two layer is the later contract office, there is no difference between the normal and the company looks." Subsequently, Yin Qi and the same interview several candidates were asked to participate in the draft". Yin Qi explained that the draft is the other party to give a period of about 200 words in Chinese, so as to translate into the specified language. I participated in a number of interviews, but also have a try to turn the link, the feeling of the interview process is very formal." After the trial draft, the other told the candidates will be notified second days qualified. September 3rd, waiting for a day later, Yin Qi received a telephone interview. On September 3rd, Yin Qi and Lionsgate Tang Company signed a 6 month contract "business services". In addition, the other party also asked him to sign a confidentiality agreement, the agreement said that the need to collect quality assurance confidentiality 2400 yuan. Pay thousands of yuan deposit, took more than 16 words in the Chinese script, Yin Qi used the time away from work, solidly at home for nearly two months. In October 28th, when he finished the translation work in advance, to prepare for the draft 3相关的主题文章: