Trump adviser the United States does not respect the interests of Russia is very dangerous-pork face

Trump: don’t respect us consultant Russian interests. It’s dangerous data figure: Russia’s strategic nuclear missile Topol -M original title: Trump adviser: the United States don’t respect the interests of the Russian so very dangerous "satellite" according to the Russian news network October 14th news, U.S. foreign policy issues of presidential candidate Trump adviser Carter · Paige warned that the United States continues to no respect for the interests of Russia will be very dangerous. Paige said in an article specifically for the satellite news agency, said: the United States completely does not respect the interests of Russia, which will further increase the possibility of bilateral relations continue to shift." He also pointed out that Russia’s participation in solving the problems facing the United States is very important. He added: "from Syria to Ukraine to the world’s energy policy, Russia is still an integral part of many of the pressing geopolitical issues that Washington faces." Relations between Moscow and Washington have deteriorated in recent years, including differences in the situation in Crimea, Ukraine and the situation in Syria. The United States accuses Russia of "aggression", Russia responded that the United States and NATO military activities in the vicinity of the Russian border becomes active, and the deployment of U.S. anti missile system to destroy strategic stability in europe.相关的主题文章: