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Change-Management Smart companies during this economic downturn are using this time to engage employees in coming up with innovative ideas to set them apart from competitors when times turn good again. One of the most effective ways to be innovative is to look at the quality of service – the customer experience. And for transformational leaders this offers the opportunity to directly engage employees in change. The main thing is to pay attention to the feedback that consumers give and find out what matters most for the consumer – for example the finance sector may find that their customers value the assistance, convenience and pleasant nature of employees and the environment of the bank. In this example it is best to think outside of the square and figure out some approaches that will aim at offering services and extras that will truly enhance the bank’s reputation and quality of service. In terms of the way your employees assist customers – have you ever wondered if your employees really, truly and sincerely comprehend what the customer experience is really like? As for the environment, are your staff members interested in having a say in how the environment they work can be improved to increase productivity or customer satisfaction? It goes without saying that if you want to create a service culture you need to engage employees in the design of that culture. So how can you do this for the least cost but highest impact? One way is to form teams across divisions and levels, that is communities of interest that come up with innovative suggestions for improvements. Tap into employees’ collective knowledge about the customer experience, what they have noticed, what customers have complained about to them, some of the best research is not the survey that researches customer satisfaction but the comments made to employees during their actual encounters with the organization. If you take this information, divide it up into segments, pilot, evaluate and implement and then reward employees for their contribution you are well on the way to creating a culture focused on service and not just focused on turning up to work and not contributing. There are many examples of how other organizations have done this and achieved outstanding results. Organizational change in company culture will only occur if you establish systematic procedures and practices that back the change you are advocating. To maximize results in organizational change in work culture the following should be considered: 1.It is the roles of team leaders and managers to encourage their staff to share new ideas and work together as a work community. 2. That a process is developed on how to decide which ideas to improve the customer experience can be implemented as a pilot. 3.To monitor and evaluate the ideas by using the measurement of business productivity and results and to make sure the successful ideas are definitely implemented. 4. Those employees with the best ideas must be rewarded – this reward does not necessarily need to be monetary – it can be something as simple as a dinner with the Executive team – this makes it easier to enforce the culture that people can have access to those who make the decisions and that innovation in the work place for customers is of value. 5. Finally the communication strategy needs to focus on the success of the program and continually reinforce the positive impact on the customer experience and business outcomes. Therefore, ask yourself, how are your team leadership styles bringing about organizational change and inspiring your team to bring about customer satisfaction by creating a positive work culture? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: