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Sports-and-Recreation The Seattle Sonics is one of the teams that had gained many bad .ments from the viewers such as that their performances are uninteresting to watch. Clay Ben.t decided to let go the name and start a new one called the Oklahoma City Thunders which will give the exciting performances in the court. Thunders started and stay silent but are capable of having the NBA title and these qualities made the fans to be interested with Thunders tickets. Many people see this quiet team to be more interesting to see in the court rather than those who always give some noise before their events. Oklahoma City Thunders is a team who makes us thinks that good attitude affects how people love you in the court. A true champion is a person who shows his true self inside the court as well as off the court. Kevin Durant is an all star player of the yet have stayed to be humble no matter what success he have been achieving. Even the media have loved this guy as he still has the old school attitude aside from his amazing skills. Most of the all star players could not are not approachable unlike Durant who keeps on meeting new friends from the training camp. There are many reasons why people became interested in having the Thunders tickets and one of it is the amazing attitude of players towards the fans. Kevin Durant did a thing that made people to love him more as he bought pairs of shoes and gave it to random fans. This is a once in a lifetime experience for a fan and no news have even been made for his plan to give the shoes. This alone has shown how they are grateful about the love and support they had from the crowd. The players are even humble to not think as though they are the best team. Thunders had gained much bad publicity and most of it is regarding the opening of the training camp. Many say that they could not do it but now these detractors seem to love the team. Reverse was seen in the training camp as experts said that the team are zombies of the Sonic but now have realized that Thunders are new lovable team. The team plays great as they have the chemistry that shows friendship within them. Thunder style is what people want to see in the court so as Thunder tickets are always sold out easily. Players play in simple way that is wonderful in the eyes of the viewer. The team does not necessarily focus on how one can score but on how they can help each other as team to win the game. Their chemistry is awesome that even the media were amazed and say that no other team can be seen to have the chemistry of the Thunders players thus this chemistry will surely drive them to be the champion this year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: