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Three men want to jump to Wuhan Yangtze River bridge and lead to traffic jam has been Xingju – in the new network original title: the man climbed up the Yangtze River Bridge cable line third times want to jump the bridge to jump the bridge was saved by surrounding traffic congestion on the 3 hours the police detained for 10 days the reporter Li Aihua yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon, a sixty man climbed up the Yangtze River Bridge cable cable, about 30 meters away from the bridge, claiming to jump the bridge. Police and fire rushed to the scene to rescue the stalemate after an hour, the fire ladder dispatched rescue, just commit suicide man saved back to the deck. The accident resulted in the bridge and Hankou, Wuchang multiple road traffic jam for nearly 3 hours, until 5 pm yesterday, traffic returned to normal. The cable bridge appears on a person "the Yangtze River Bridge people climbed up the cable!" Yesterday afternoon, a number of users micro Bo said: drive through the Yangtze River Bridge Deck many encounter traffic jams, traffic police and fire in the busy, looked up to see, bridge cable actually stood a man. About 4 pm yesterday, the Wuhan evening news reporter rushed to the scene, the car just drive on Huangpu Street will be blocked, to the Yangtze River Bridge traffic at the end. Reporters walk to the scene, about 20 minutes later, went to the bridge deck, we can see the Wuchang to Hankou, a sixty man standing on the bridge two cables, hands in a connection cable of cable, wearing a military coat. Police and firefighters are trying to rescue, serious traffic jams on the bridge. The bridge cleaners Ms. Hu introduced: around 1:30 in the afternoon, the man down the cable bridge near the No. 64 road light pole climb. At that time, Ms Wu found a few pieces of clothes on the sidewalk, she looked shocked: the man has climbed to the middle of the cable, about 30 meters from the bridge. Firefighters rescue ladder received crossing the public alarm, police and firefighters rushed to the scene quickly. Although the police and fire officers and soldiers together shouted at the man, but the man has been completely indifferent. The man dressed in a military coat, the lower body is only wearing a pair of underwear, feet on the cable, shivering in the cold. Over an hour later, the police fear tired, discuss and decide to use the rescue ladder after fire. At 3:46 in the afternoon, a fire ladder truck arrived at the scene, a fire brigade and a police on the ladder. Because the fire ladders occupied Wuchang to Hankou direction three lanes, the bridge traffic more congestion. 32 meter rapid fire show close to the man, but the man has left his face to ignore. The police and the patience to talk with him at 4:47 in the afternoon, Xu, the man finally climbed the ladder to take the initiative to change mind. Man down to the bridge after being taken away by police into the police car. The third men climbed the cable last night, the reporter saw a man jumping off the bridge in the riverbank of Yongqing police station. The man small flat, thin body, dressed in military coat, wearing a warm underwear, a good mental state. A police said: the man is jumping off the bridge to acquaintances, this is his third time to climb up the Yangtze River Bridge cable. The man surnamed Chen, Castle peak. October 8, 2012 and.相关的主题文章: