The trump card with ACE exposure ultimate notice Andy Lau embarrassed exploration. – Entertainment S-p8400

The "trump card" with ACE exposure ultimate notice Andy Lau embarrassed exploration. – the "trump card" with ACE entertainment Sohu Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming hand-painted version of the poster "sulfur" CP Click to enter [HD Photo] entertainment Sohu directed by Jing Wong Andy Lau, starring Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Hu Ran, Ouyang Nana, Xie Yilin, Junjie Mao, Wu Yue, Petrina Fung, starring Xu Dongdong, Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei, Shen Teng special movie "funny" ace ace will be released in October 1st. Recently, the ultimate Trailer piece party release the film, starring the fresh styling full debut, Andy Lau wearing black sunglasses show embarrassed exploration style, Huang Xiaoming and Wong Cho Lam, Xie Yilin on the scene bursting point again and again. With the final trailer released together with two hand-painted posters, including Andy Lau and sulfur CP poster full of texture.     all kinds of ACE teamed up to open their national archives into funny comedy "funny" ACE ACE ACE tells the embarrassed treasure ye (Andy Lau): Luo Jia Hao (Huang Xiaoming) joined forces in A dream (Wong Cho Lam ornaments), Luo Jia Xin (Ouyang Nana ornaments) under the help of the people and the world terrorist organization "God snatch seeds" Indiana adventure story save the world. This year the national archives as the big screen only an action comedy, "ace ace" not only contributed to tease Andy Lau and King Huang Xiaoming ‘fight for the first time, but a collection of three film comedian comedy "Sherlock: the strength of the annual worry" dedication last year, Shen Teng Bao Wong Cho Lam, hold variety live live with all style field force Xie Yilin, more fashion queen Qi Wei and sister Ouyang Nana sweet adorable. In the trailer, Andy Lau wearing black sunglasses, two fingers up to the eyebrow, the firm says "I want to conquer her," the mysterious atmosphere and tense; Huang Xiaoming was tied up on the floor of a ninja shouted for help; Wong Cho Lam cool dress, only to be back on the main yellow spinner laps fell into the sofa, clothes ripped bare, a A dream big close-up underwear is very funny, he also weird glance at Huang Xiaoming, poker-faced platform Planck said "good brothers, and I wear underwear" funny tricky, as like as two peas. Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming male God King leader who is fighting together with the hero trailer released along with hand-painted posters, Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming suit coat back to back side, a finger on the trigger, the bullet muzzle seems imminent, two people looked excited eyes is highly concentrated, very fit the film tension and funny atmosphere, at the same time with full CP. Posters on the road racing, helicopters, Milan, ancient buildings and other diverse elements, combined with the previous exposure of high-tech "God seed", Teddy Meng pet and other elements of the film triggered more speculation about the plot. Andy Lau is handsome out of the sky on the second floor room, playing pajamas style from dodge crossing, the next second will head into the glass window, embarrassment out too horrible to look at. It is to be hit on all fours face deformation, can not help but sigh: Yan people. High value when it is down to earth. Huang Xiaoming and Xie Lin on the men and women fighting personal struggle, he broke out in a sentence "in fact, I am not a man, the shea.相关的主题文章: