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"The sparrow" behind the scenes Zhang Luyi studio staged a "one-man show" – Sohu entertainment "sparrow" Zhang Luyi stills Zhang Luyi Zhang Luyi Sohu entertainment news Hunan TV hit Spy Drama "sparrow" fever continues to soar, the climax constantly, affecting the people. As boss Bi Zhongliang is the focus of attention in the play, as played by Zhang Luyi in the movie also has attracted many viewers. The play, he not only handsome, play jija, even the voice also captured the hearts of a fan. Many people know that, in the play the role in order to make the schedule Luyi Zhang himself to dub, but many people do not know in order to better accomplish the voice work, Luyi Zhang not only staged in the studio one-man show, the high strength work makes him to voice hoarse, impressive professionalism. Zhang Luyi studio staged a one-man show, dubbing to hoarse voice drama "sparrow" aired in full swing, played by Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang, full of energy, and large from the back of the head into the sharp eyes, then to voice low, will this powerful spy chief who accentuates. In order to close to this figure but Luyi Zhang spent a lot of effort, even dubbing is personally go into battle. It is understood that the "sparrow" dubbing, time work, need to complete the whole drama Luyi Zhang in just a few days of dubbing. Therefore, in the past few days, Luyi Zhang almost 12 hours a day in the studio to work very hard. When the last day of the voice, the voice hoarse Luyi Zhang has begun to talk with, dubbing is not agile, but he was again and again, with the ground not to mind taking the trouble to return, the role of the most primitive emotions. The last episode with a complete, Luyi Zhang out of the studio, with Ge You "paralysis" the other fell on the sofa, really too hard. So dedicated, many staff are both distressed and admire. In addition, the staff also revealed that Zhang Luyi a little detail in the dub, that Zhang Luyi has staged a one-man show in the studio". It turned out that in order to emotional in place, Zhang Luyi in the voice of the time will be speaking and playing, let yourself into the play, so that the sound and performance more fitting. So hard to give that shine in the role of Bi Zhongliang in broadcast. The director of the voice of Bi fans praise "very Su", "open people kneel" "sparrow" in Bi Zhongliang a mellow voice, has become a major highlight of the show. Many users have said, the voice of "very Luyi Zhang Su", "absolute open kneeling" and "3D stereo surround sound too shocked". The users have avatar fans sister, drunk in the Bi director charming voice, "William has only milk cat Evan said:" Bi Zhongliang is the soundtrack of Luyi Zhang? Or voice? Headphones with a look at the sparrow, the sound is so magnetic…… Good voice calm……" Of course, the audience love Luyi Zhang’s voice, in addition to voice simply charming, but the more important reason is his voice and role very well, make the characters more three-dimensional fullness. The "Ling Bo A" said: "Zhang acting is to enjoy! Sound.相关的主题文章: