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UnCategorized While some people try so hard to get ahead in life, barely keeping their head above water, others have a secret edge, effortlessly getting whatever they want. At best, these winners are mediocre imbeciles, yet they rise to fame and fortune while the virtuous and talented fall by the wayside. Could there be some other force at work here? Could there be a hidden game that circumvents the rules we learned as children? Imagine being in a dark room full of people. With your natural eye you can barely make out their silhouettes, but with night vision goggles, you would have an advantage over the entire crowd. If you are one of those whose head is barely above water, I offer you a pair of social-vision goggles, so to speak, a peek at the real secret. You see, there is a game being played right before our very eyes, a game most of us will never see. We find it around the water cooler at work. We find it with the regulars down at the local bar. We even find it in our own homes around the dinner table at holiday dinners. Life is too often a game designed to lure in the suckers. Those among us who are the most virtuous, the most diligant and most decent are are the ones who often end up the loser. Those who believe in fair play; that what goes around .es around, place themselves at an enormous disatvangage in the game. While we, the rank and file, are busy grasping at the brass ring, a small group of insiders, the players, are coolly and cynically, manipulating the strings.These are the people who ride the slipstream of those more talented than themselves, and then conspire with others to dispace the trailblazer and place themselves at the helm. Players take the better share of the rewards life has to offer: the beautiful homes, the cars, the svelte spouses, and leave the rest for us to fight over the crumbs. Most life-skills coaches seem to ignore this reality, preferring to preach the gospel of goals, positive attitude and focused application of our strengths, and there is some merit to such an approach. It is true that without a goal we have no direction, and without skills based on your strong suit, no success is sustainable. So yes, with a life-skills coach you could grab a few more crumbs than your neighbor. However, that approach alone will still keep you in the dark as to what is really going on around you. As you rejoice over your newly acquired crumbs, the Players slip by unnoticed, their hands full of stolen goods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: