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The "psychological" crime of fixing Li Chun hand Li Yifeng interpretation of first love Li Chun (right three) entertainment Tencent directed by Xie Dongshen, Gu Xiaobai, Li Yifeng, Li Chun screenwriter, Liao Fan, Qian Wan joined the film version of the "psychological" crime now officially shot, Li Chun played professional research of criminal investigation in the film Fang Mu (Li Yifeng ornaments) love lover Chen Xi. Li Chun strength deduction anticipated "psychological crime" Chen Xi identity a mystery film version of "psychological crime" according to popular writer Remy’s best-selling novel of the same name as the main focus of the story with the serial murder cases, tells the story of a professional criminal investigation study ineloquent gifted but can accurately understand the criminal mind of Fang Mu (played by Li Yifeng), to assist the police Tai Wei (Liao Fan) uncovered a series of bizarre case stories. Li Chunsuo plays Chen Xi wood’s first love in the novel, but the film specifically which way will appear in the square around is an unknown mystery. Li Chun "sin" fixing "psychological novel version of psychological crime has by virtue of" because of bizarre cases and the psychological psychological portrait depiction of accumulated mass basis a lot of attention and expectation as this super popular IP adaptation of the film version of "psychological crime" has started from the fans of the many books. The actor Chen Xi Li Chun and actor Liao Fan in the film will be popular idol Li Yifeng mutual Biao acting together, the interpretation of a series of whirling story. In the film between three people will collide with what kind of fierce spark? Only when the movie to see the outcome. Li Chun for the role set high temperature "beloved" led the critically acclaimed acting shadow version of "psychological crime" the shooting time of summer, the scorching sun, Li Chun not only performed at high temperature. The studio is always hard in the studio, intentnesses holding script, small details attached to the role of Chen Xi in all the. Li Chun said this: "all kinds of environment as an actor is to stand on, but I was used to, I hope through my interpretation of reducing the most consistent with the novels of Chen Xi." Li Chun is currently starring Li Chun "painting" the rivers and lakes people being hit, with the perfect interpretation of the clever and lovely Lu Linxuan, Li Chun’s performance has also been recognized by the netizens. Many viewers have praised Li Chun Lu Linxuan like directly out of the cartoon, a glimpse of the Confidante, mark the heart since no solution. She had also by virtue of the vivid portrayal of a corner of the sky playfully outrageous – acclaimed, so it also makes a lot of friends of Li Chun in "psychological crime" inside is particularly looking forward to, have shouted: "psychological sin love Chen Xi, pure girl look forward to acting, the film quickly released!"相关的主题文章: