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The police anti fraud Road: against so many incidence rate is increasing the police occupation sense of honor from the fight against crime. But I hit so much, the incidence is more and more high, very depressed." Luo Chunfa said. In September 12th, Luo Chunfa was in the office. The next chapter is massive, Lichuan case files. Beijing News reporter Han Xuefeng photo paper | Beijing News reporter Han Xuefeng Su Xiaoming Lu Aiying | editing proofreading |? Limped out of the interrogation room, Luo Chunfa rubbed his leg. This is the afternoon of September 8th, three hours of interrogation, the police let old some pain in his right leg. Just trial in Lichuan, a telecommunications fraud suspects. "It’s not open yet." Luo Chunfa expression calm, "Interpol, meticulous job." Xunyang County Public Security Bureau in Shaanxi, Luo Chunfa is responsible for telecommunications fraud police. From the police for eighteen years, Luo has broken numerous cases. But the most let him headache, is the telecommunications fraud case. "This year the county the incidence of 43, pressure ah." He told an onion (WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople) said, when the night insomnia, always think of nearly twenty years ago when he was "master apprentice", after the case often said, "small Luo ah, you work for ten years Interpol, what are in the heart bottom case." Today, small Luo has become old luo. Can be a headache for the time, but more. Peach fraud Luo Chunfa this year has been 40 years old, standing for the two time, such as three. In 2006, he was promoted to the Chengguan town of Xunyang County, deputy director of the police station, but in 2013 he resigned, transferred back to the requirements of police team as a common scout, "I love to engage in criminal investigation." But with the recent "peach fraud", let Luo Chunfa lattice outside pain. After the Spring Festival in 2014, Xunyang man Wang Keming received a "Hongkong woman" call, sweet voice on the other end of the phone said that her husband can not bear to let Wang Keming "help", "things can give one million". In the "young woman" and "lawyer" a series of flicker, Wang Keming 12 times to the young woman remitted to $136 thousand. Subsequently, the woman’s cell phone will no longer get through. "The sky is falling." When Wang Keming awoke to the police driven to distraction. In the spring, Luo, northwest of the 50 year old man was crying. "It looks like the whole person is down. He has a kid who’s still in college. Some of the money cheated or borrowed." Luo Chunfa said, when he thought it is not the case, but how to appease Wang Keming, "if he want." "This case is check up." Luo Chunfa to peel onions (WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople) recalled that he first found by the Agricultural Bank of Xunyang County, the money went to the Agricultural Bank of Jiangsu Yangzhou. In Yangzhou, he learned that the money from the cup turned away, had to go to Beijing. Going around half a year, around Chinese semi circle "and later went to Jiangxi 5 times, 3 times and 2 times in Shanghai, Xiamen." Finally, the police finally locked, Jiangxi, Yugan chapter mass for the final withdrawals 7相关的主题文章: