The people’s Liberation Army rocket penetrate 2 meters of concrete bunkers as decoration in Taiwan-winavi video converter

The people’s Liberation Army rocket penetrate 2 meters of concrete bunkers in Taiwan into the display in September 28th, "Chinese in optic network released a video content for the Tibet military camp with 300 mm long-range rocket rocket launcher limit shooting training, this group of video was first announced by the long-range rocket gun projectile to destroy the concrete bunkers picture can be seen from the chart, the concrete fortification is penetrator breakdown, ground depth of about 2 meters crater. Not long ago, the army said tests across the sea with precision guided rocket multiple have hit the same target tactics First Army long-range rocket brigade during the exercise, this is obviously a lot of bunkers in Taiwan area to build the new tactics, these bunkers have the thickness of concrete protective layer is a part of more than 2 meters, single rocket to destroy target. 300 mm long fire projectile hit the target — a roll of 2 meters on the end of tape…… (data) according to reports, this exercise is a limit the exercise of the Tibet military region artillery regiment artillery battalion, very practical significance. The military exercises within a short period of time on a variety of mobile, fixed on different positions of targets, the use of a variety of means, including reconnaissance satellite to search target, only 3 minutes from the command to launch time. In addition, news footage also shows the target situation simulated combat targets, including the simulation of impact queue of tanks and armored vehicles were hit after the TSP, have fixed solid concrete bunkers by simulation precision guided drilling took a direct hit the screen. In the picture there are soldiers using a tape measure crater depth picture from the picture, concrete bunkers by rocket completely breakdown, the formation of a crater about 2 meters deep. Observers network military commentators believe that the Tibet military region artillery regiment far fire battalion is an important force in our army to deal with the potential military conflict plateau. The potential adversary in recent years near the border of new mountain combat forces, and the establishment of a large number of outposts, positions, bunkers, especially in the near future to the border line surge tank and armored vehicles. This requires the ability to have a variety of different types of launcher rocket hit the target. Simulation of concrete bunkers hit by rocket blasted split a country with China, the border dispute in 1962 is not willing to fail at the border on the construction of large fortifications, but these fortifications without Taiwan’s fortifications can be repaired, so a rocket is enough to destroy. (map) measurement of crater depth (map) tanks bunkers near the coast of Taiwan, in the concrete layer and a thick layer of dirt, not easy to damage. (map) Taiwan’s wishful thinking is hiding in a bunker tank to save power, such as landing ships near the group rushed out again when the sprint to the beach "anti wave boat shooting". (data diagram) look again, hit effect…… Imagine each bunker on the head down penetrator, such under two…… (map) continue to hide in the hole "save power" is the result of…… Pictured during the Gulf war destroyed by Iraq made 59 tanks composite armor. (map) in the earliest PHL-03 rocket rocket equipment and Russian BM-30 are basically the same, a range of 70 km, the.相关的主题文章: