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Networking As we advance technologically, there are some servers created specifically to support future applications that require more .plex features. Safety features were developed to make them better any future security .plications in parallel. This article talks about 3 classic examples of the next generation of servers. The advantage of VPS Linux there is no difference in operation when .pared to a dedicated server. A cheaper alternative is the performance of dedicated servers. VPS running on Linux very reliable with many useful features that ensure control and ease of use. All VPS packages with RAM and customize data transfer and redundant server disk space. The amount of RAM, disk space and data transfer allocation will depend on the individual .panies that offer the service. Custom data transfer can range from 100 GB to 1TB or more. When hosting you will guarantee that each customer is operating in, even with power, so it is not possible for one customer to another or influence, eliminating conflicts that may occur. The server software, SSL support, this is a new type of Tunnel and the Flash application server, it is the same as Adobe popular but with better and faster with improved accessibility. To allow users to work efficiently, the perfect tool for Web sites that feature video chat. The video was very popular for years. Very high resolution Red5 server, such as whether the video contrast level. This server supports the viewing of the video game 5 at the same time. XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence symbolizes Protocol. Earlier it was known as the Jabber . The main purpose of XMPP is to provide extensible Instant Messaging (IM). It is also used to contact list maintenance and presence information. Although not originally present, XMPP is extended to support new features, such as voice over the Internet and transfer the file. .pared to other IM protocols, specialization in XMPP is a protocol for open systems. This means that an XMPP service can be integrated with other organizations ‘ services. The software and most other additional applications are available for free download. XMPP uses a decentralized approach. This means that the people implement and maintain the XMPP Server; the server is not the SharePoint Central Administration for the entire network. Regard to the implementation of the XMPP security features. XMPP servers may be isolated to the public network. This is useful in a local area network (LAN) service. Tough security specifications are built on top of XMPP -as part of the software. Client-server approach is used in XMPP to .municate. This approach, the two clients will not be able to .municate directly with each other, but it is sent to the server. However, unlike some Chat services, the server does not have a centralized management of all .munications. This type of server message-oriented middleware is dedicated to applications. He is an extremely useful your messaging server. A large number of server powers instant messaging is ideal for Web sites as a message back. Jabber server, is designed to manage contact lists and file transfer methods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: