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The Ministry of public security class a warrant arrest 3 fugitives Xu Yuyu case – Sohu News Latest News: today (26 days) 8 pm, Fujian province public security organs after careful investigation, police arrested the Ministry of public security class a warrant arrest Shandong Xu Yuyu suspects Xiong Chao (male, born in October 1997, Fengdu County of Chongqing city). The review is under way. In August 19, 2016, the suspect Chen Wenhui, Zheng Jinfeng Xiong Chao, together with Chen Fudi, Zheng Xiancong, Huang Jinchun et al as Education Bureau cadres, in the name of issuing grants for Shandong city of Linyi province masses Xu 9900 yuan. We suspect Chen Fudi, Zheng Jinfeng, Huang Jinchun has been arrested, the suspect Chen Wenhui, Xiong Chao, Zheng Xiancong three people at large. Chen Wenhui Chen Wenhui, male, Han nationality, born in December 10, 1994, the household registration address: Bai Lai country town of Fujian province Anxi County village to the Royal Lake No. 66, ID number: 350524199412108616. Xiong Chao, male, Han nationality, born in October 28, 1997, household registration address: Chongqing City, three counties, the streets of the village of wood peck peck, Group No. 53, ID card number: 500230199710286110,, No. 2. Zheng Xiancong Zheng Xiancong, male, Han nationality, born in 1990 01, 25 August household address: Po Town Village No. 837 of Fujian County of Yongchun Province, ID number: 350525199001253559. Please contact the local public security organs after the arrest warrant, the immediate deployment of investigation, found that the suspect be detained, and the speed to Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of public security. The Ministry of public security to help arrest the active units or individuals to find clues informants, each captured a suspect will be given fifty thousand yuan reward. Event review in August 19th, the University of Shandong, Linyi girl Xu Yuyu received a phone call on the other end claiming to be the Bureau of education, there is a grant can be sent to Xu Yuyu. In accordance with the requirements of Xu Yuyu will be 9900 yuan remitted to the other side of the account only to find themselves cheated. That night, Xu Yuyu on the way home to report a sudden cardiac arrest, died after the hospital died. 24, 2009, Beijing Youth Daily reporter interviewed the families of the girls and the relevant departments in charge, trying to restore the case process. At present, the Linyi area cheated the tuition fees of students and not only Xu Yuyu, while the local education authorities have begun to investigate the matter, the public security departments have also set up a task force. BYD reporter learned that the suspect used the segment number 171 belongs to the Beijing far special communication card, the card in March this year, had real name registration. Grant cheated 9900 yuan tuition Xu Yuyu bait this year in Shandong Linyi nineteenth middle school, has been admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, majoring in English, 9900 yuan cheated was Xu Yuyu used to pay tuition. 19, more than 4 in the afternoon, Xu Yuyu’s mother received a strange phone at the beginning of the beginning of the, because I do not understand, the mother will be transferred to the phone to the Xu Yuyu of the 171. The person on the phone said, there is a student.相关的主题文章: