The mechanic won 2 weeks at the box office champion donkey water into a new network – the dark horse-winavi

"The mechanic" won 2 weeks at the box office champion "donkey water" into the dark horse – Beijing last week "password" "Dante water film" donkey into the city, but the tough guy Jason? "Starring Hollywood action movie Statham mechanic 2: Resurrection" or to 127 million yuan a week at the box office champion. "Dante" and "password action" is located in the Mekong river last week second, three, the current "Mekong River action", the box office has exceeded 1 billion 140 million yuan, the film also announced a nationwide key one month extension release end time extended to December 4th. JINGWAH Times reporter Gao Yufei Dante "password" for 3 consecutive days last week won the single day box office champion "mechanic 2: Resurrection" to 127 million yuan a week at the box office won the championship, which ended last Sunday at the box office 294 million yuan, the growth rate has slowed at the box office. Burn brain adventure movie "Dante password" in October 28th the North American landing China synchronous cinema, the "Da Vinci code" series of the latest version of the film released on the first day to deliver the goods, namely the row piece rate highest aspirations, won the single day box office champion, has more than second about 8 million 400 thousand of the results, the first weekend has been a breakthrough 85 million yuan, and 3 consecutive days with single day box office, with the release of the 3 day performance in the second film week box office. With the release of a large number of Hollywood blockbusters, weak mainland film market will usher in a large outbreak. The movie "Dante code" by author Dan Brown, Director Ron Howard??, starring Tom? Hanks together to create the film uses the standard techniques of 2D, IMAX to be presented, "Professor Botticelli" and Landon hell hell hallucinations intertwined echo, make the audience feel fear and hooked.相关的主题文章: