The green seat grab hot Cai Yingwen bow – new network-crycry

The green seat grab hot Cai Yingwen bow? Beijing – in the days was green "legislators" Mengpi, Taiwan "Central News Agency chairman Chen Guoxiang recently issued an open letter to the leader of the Taiwan authorities, the DPP party chairman Cai Yingwen said," fight worded"! And he continues to withstand the attack is still expanding. Before the push back in action, chairman of the grand hotel has resigned, others such as Taiwan’s Central Radio and other related personnel in the artillery fire, these duties have security of tenure, the ruling party should not be affected, but if they do not cooperate with abdication, will fall into discredit, said, and in the siege. Taiwan, China Times published an editorial in 19, said the rush to grab a seat so eager, even at the very least, regardless of the phase of eating, is really amazing! The contents of the article excerpts are as follows: to tell the truth, this wave through the recent Taiwan legislators said peripheral and insult means to push back the specific person who practices, when compared with that of the Chen Shuibian era and rude. In 2000 the first ruling party, in order to maintain political stability, in addition to the main administrative officer to replace, and most of the state-owned banks, the personnel officer temporarily motionless, gradually shake all personnel spent at least 1, more than 2 years, many government push will not appear immediately return to zero or disconnect the phenomenon. No season is not grab the seat, but at least eat not this so ugly. Especially in the recent wave of green big pressure on Cai Yingwen, to replace all express propaganda, deep heart behind it, "I’m afraid or completely bared there and then" to describe! Today, the Cai Yingwen administration hundred days of the new deal, the report card is not good enough, the account can be counted in the Taiwan authorities, executive dean Lin head? From the moment of cross-strait frozen Taiwan "diplomacy" on the narrow space, the labour opposition intensifies, government, tourism industry gradually on the street, and later also numerous protest groups, are all facing the whole forest administration team to? You are kidding! All one where so big? People with a bit of common sense know that today’s administrative personnel, he can really decide a few people? How many people can really be called? Speak bluntly, the function of the whole of the largest forest today, perhaps just a bullet for Cai Yingwen! Of course, Lin in his expertise in the field of finance, should still be dominant and adhere to the. He took over Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" of financial personnel, still adhere to the professional considerations, not in color, and the eight public row library personnel layout does not appear green color professionals. But also because of the legal representative of the public green speed is too slow, and the greening ratio is not high, like gold, Southern China gold, Taiwan Mega gold and other important financial holding company executives, all are hoping to find professionals, it is to let countless behind people ready to snatch a furious, too there is a peculiar phenomenon than pan blue camp also anxious to push down the whole forest! More exaggerated, Mega Financial Holding’s mega bank for violating U.S. "money laundering prevention law", the United States was a hefty fine of $180 million, gold and silver Zhaofeng Mega led to the resignation of chairman Cai Youcai at the end of March!相关的主题文章: