The ghoul stealing three police cracked the case 130 Tomb Raider-shishangqiyi

"Disclosure Ghoul stealing" three police cracked the case 130 tomb tomb in Chongqing, Zhongxian Public Security Bureau, recently destroyed a special excavation of ancient tombs in Three Gorges Gang, arresting 11 suspects, cracked 130 cases from the excavation of ancient tombs. To recover the three national cultural relics of Han Dynasty bronze mirror 1, bronze belt buckle, national ordinary cultural relics of Han pottery 1 incomplete. At present, Li and other 11 suspects have been transferred to procuratorate for prosecution. The police, in early November 2015, a man of anonymity to Zhongxian white police station to reflect, there is a group of people at night by boat, to the 7 set of "White Street Yinshan village Liu Daliang" (small names) area, along the Yangtze River underground mining "treasure". After receiving clues, the police immediately launched investigation. Police found in the "Liu Liang" area, located in the Three Gorges Reservoir cultural relics protection area of an ancient tomb stolen excavation, the scene has stolen traces of cultural relics. After investigation, investigation and visit, the police found no valuable clues, and the case was solved in an impasse. In March this year, Zhongxian Public Security Bureau intelligence brigade police in the scattered clues provided by the investigation police, successfully locked an important suspect Lee related information. Police immediately carry out the analysis of Lee’s judgment. In June, the ad hoc group get clues, tomb gang members Lee and others will once again to Zhongxian some ancient tombs excavation implementation of crime. The task force decided to take the initiative. The evening of June 13th, Lee and other 4 people in Zhongxian, another implementation of tomb excavation, were waiting in the vicinity of the police arrested. According to Lee explained, since 2015, he mustered more than 10 suspects in Chongqing, Zhongxian, Yunyang, Fengjie, Wushan Three Gorges ancient tombs wantonly robbing crime. After obtaining information about other members of the gang, the police captured the remaining 7 members of the gang in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Xinjiang and other places. (CNR network)

“摸金校尉”专盗三峡古墓 警方破获盗墓案130起重庆忠县公安分局日前披露,近期捣毁一个专门盗掘三峡古墓葬群团伙,抓获犯罪嫌疑人11名,破获盗掘古墓葬案130起。追回国家三级文物汉代青铜镜1件,国家一般文物青铜带扣、残缺汉陶罐各1个。目前,李某等11名罪嫌已被移交检察院审查起诉。警方介绍,2015年11月初,一男子匿名向忠县白公派出所反映,有一伙人夜间乘船,到白公街道银山村7组“刘大梁”(小地名)一带,沿长江边挖掘地下“宝物”。接到线索后,警方立即展开侦查。民警在“刘大梁”一带发现,位于三峡库区文物保护区内的一处古墓被盗挖,现场有文物被盗走的痕迹。民警通过现场勘查、调查走访等侦查后,没有发现任何有价值的线索,案件侦破陷入僵局。今年3月,忠县公安局情报大队民警在侦查民警提供的零散线索中,成功锁定一重要嫌疑人李某的相关信息。民警当即对李某的开展重点分析研判。6月,专案组获得线索,盗墓团伙成员李某等人将再次到忠县某古墓葬群实施盗掘作案。专案组决定主动出击。6月13日晚,李某等4人在忠县另一处古墓实施盗掘时,被守候在附近的民警抓获。据李某交代,自2015年以来,他纠集十多名犯罪嫌疑人,在重庆忠县、云阳、奉节、巫山等三峡古墓葬群大肆盗掘作案。获得了该团伙其他成员的相关信息后,警方在重庆、浙江、广东、新疆等地将该团伙其余7名成员抓获。(央广网)相关的主题文章: