The Fujian volunteers sent into the walls of love probation juvenile offenders in Beijing-sorpack

The volunteers sent into the Fujian wall love probation juvenile – Beijing Beijing in November 15 Fuzhou Xinhua (Liang Xing) "dawn" "civilized" where is the "Youth Dance" "mother told me"…… The first transfer of family, looking forward to the future of the song in the afternoon of 15 juvenile correctional facilities in Fujian province sounded, many inmates moved by sight, tears. The same day, by the Fujian Provincial Federation of the committee, legal aid center of Fujian Province, Fujian Province Association of pop music institute, the juvenile correctional facilities in Fujian Province, Fuzhou City Legal Aid Center hosted the light dream and embrace the future love helping activities held here. Active in the music people inside and outside the province of pop music, Claire, Cai Enhui and Xiao Shan Ling Xi, hip-hop rookie for serving diseuse relaxation of juvenile offenders to make a good show, a number of lawyers from the provincial and Municipal Legal Aid Center to provide free legal advice service. Fujian Province Federation Committee, legal aid center respectively, Literary Federation since last year published books and law books donated to the juvenile prison library. In the day of activities, from juvenile offenders directed program "three courses" and full of local characteristics of the intangible cultural heritage project — "Shigu chating ten" music "won the applause of all the springs staff. Participate in the performance of students with well-known artists and gaining recognition and proud. Juvenile correctional facilities in Fujian Province in recent years, the person in charge, the inmates have also set up the team, some DeYiShuangXin artists became the "supernumerary teacher", "art" into the walls, with special function force, make prisoners thought culture improved. The responsible person said, the event will be performing arts and law consulting combined together approached this special group, is a beneficial exploration of volunteer service. (end)相关的主题文章: