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"The first grade" hormone bursting into Yi Zhao Zhiwei again positive PK- entertainment   Sohu; Cheng Yi Zhao Zhiwei again positive PK entertainment news "Sohu since the first grade" after the broadcast, Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei two Cadet captain, I did not know why both pushed up many sisters slobber war mouth wind waves, in the end who is more who is more "warm" overbearing president "? Who is a better strength and Yan, two fans for a quarrel. In the second phase of the game, the football team, the captain will usher in a positive PK again, it is said that the scene is also a spark conflict constantly, which I am afraid that the two fans who want to hold! The enemy "Captain" fans into melee Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei are the new generation of popular idol, with a fresh appearance and excellent works, each harvest a large wave of loyal fans. In the two yen value and strength are well matched, and also are men of God captain, but was many thousands of girls compared a popularity and strength is higher or lower, "my one hundred Zhao Zhiwei Cheng Yi seckill!" "Please don’t tell Zhao Zhiwei and Cheng Yi Su, not comparable!" Two fans at firepower blasted opponents launched a "love honor melee" two love beans are not broadcast before the fire in the scuffle. Since from the first period after the broadcast, Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei Cobain respectively as students and in the captain, in the teachers "sheep" education mode, clear the natural captain carry the "brother" of the responsibility, but also a test of their strength and character. This also allows the two fans to love the battle of the beans on the high point of public opinion, Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei have been friends dubbed the enemy captain". Zhao Zhiwei "tear" Yi of the second phase of the program will have a "body is full of conflict" football game, the program director also said: "the football game is absolutely beyond the general!" You can imagine, two in rugby wear captain, not only handsome new height in shape, in the course of running collision also make absolute hormone bursting, netizens said: "the most love sports style, my eyes have hunger and thirst!" Think of the male god playing football, saliva has been unable to pay!" If Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei also just strength and Yan value before the show "honor", then the period of the second football game will make their own Yi and Zhao Zhiwei into the camp, have a real positive PK. According to the program group revealed that frequent game scene, the students between sparks, even has a warm heart of Zhao Zhiwei could not help but burst, one after another to put into Yi said: "very angry! Really very angry! I feel the face, I can not accept, what are you doing?" This in the end is what? Cheng Yi and Zhao Zhiwei this is really want to open tear? Two fans have occupied the front row ready to fight, you sure you do not hurry to move to the small bench to onlookers?相关的主题文章: