The driver rushed to the police Gang escape check stop was

The driver rushed to the police Gang escape inspection stop was injured injured police Liu Pei. Original title: man yiyanbuge rushed to the police Gang stopped being injured late on August 23rd, Guangyuan City Labor Building intersection, a van saw a police check trying to escape from the front, and endanger pedestrians and vehicles more than. Guangyuan police two brigade police Liu Pei stepped forward, pedestrians and vehicles behind him, trying to stop the warning came forward, but the van is still accelerating the steering Chong Gang, and rushed to the front of the Liu hang down after the escape. Liu Pei caused cranial serious injuries to the rescue of danger in the day before. In September 7th, the suspect Yang was Guangyuan City Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, Guangyuan city traffic police detachment also decided, for Liu Pei to report to the Municipal Public Security Bureau for wartime. Emergency traffic police post inspection van rushed 7 Gang fled, the reporter visited the Guangyuan traffic police command center and the on the part of the police, to restore the situation of the incident. According to the traffic police brigade two squadron captain Dongbatou Pu Min introduced to implement on the Council of the party committees to ensure G20 summit, Congress, Qiujiaokuai and daughter during the festival of safety requirements, in accordance with the detachment of the unified deployment, the evening of August 23rd, Liu Pei’s Police Group in the labor building north to set up checkpoints of drunk driving and other illegal acts, will in the post after more than 10 minutes. The accident happened. See, the monitor screen reporter from the Guangyuan traffic police command center in the day at 22:50, two traffic police brigade police set up a police post in the labor building intersection north 23, 07 minutes and 17 seconds, a right headlights lit only by the electronic silver van, the direction of the road near the intersection of high speed. In the distance from the intersection about 150 meters, the emergency brake van to take action, then swing around the front, while the main lane in front of the intersection on the two column of 11 vehicles waiting for the light vehicle, sidewalks and non motorized vehicles, pedestrians and there are more than three car battery. At that time to hear the brakes, we noticed that the behavior of abnormal van, according to the preliminary judgment of the other side should be to see the police station after trying to avoid." But what happened next, the Pu sensitive very shocked, "Van suddenly made a right down direction, trying to increase the non motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, steering angle, turning round of escape, all the people are shocked by this scene." The startling escape traffic police to stop threatening passers-by van from labor building intersection southeast side of Skynet monitoring can see 23, 07 minutes and 54 seconds, fully equipped with white helmets on Liu Pei, from the lower left corner of the screen to the main lane, the first few pedestrians and battery car pulled up behind, then quickly waving on the fluorescence stick, issued a warning to the driver of the van, and make a gesture indicating pull over. However, the van to the hard direction, straight toward the location of Liu Pei and. According to the monitoring showed that 23 in 08 minutes and 19 seconds, the van has turned more than half of the body, a shoulder riding pressure scraping trees dry, will catch up with Liu Pei and other police came to a stop behind, was in the right side of the body of Liu Pei Ying.相关的主题文章: