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cop car lights are the most identifiable parts of the police vehicles. They act as a visual aid for motorists to identify police vehicles as well as other emergency vehicles. When they are turned on, they may indicate that a motorist pull over to talk to the police officer, or give way for the cop car to pass. cop car lights may also indicate caution if parked at a scene of an incident. Car lights have evolved over the past years, beginning with a steady burning lamp, a rotating light, strobe lights and the more modern LED lights. All these have served the same purpose and are a very important .ponent of a police vehicle. cop car lights that are permanently mounted of the top front of police vehicles are the most .monly seen type of police car lighting and are most effective at identifying a police car. Today, these lights may either be strobe lights or LED lights, however the latter is more popular with not only the police force but also a number of emergency vehicle operators. This is because LED lights are brighter, have a larger variety of flash patterns and last longer among other properties associated with it. Mounted cop car lights are the least .monly seen car lights and are used mainly by undercover police officers and volunteer emergency workers. These lights can be concealed and displayed only when necessary. Undercover police need to remain inconspicuous and so prefer mounted lights that they can conceal if they are not needed. They are much smaller than the ordinary cop car lights , although just as bright and effective. They range from rotating lights, to strobe lights to LED lights. These lights are also specially made to ensure that they do not flood the car with light. There are also cop car lights that may be mounted on the grille or virtually any other surface. These are .monly used for emergencies to warn other drivers of pending danger. Police vehicles also carry a steady burning light for use in illuminating a dark area where they are required to operate. The mounted lights are small and portable, as they require being carried around. They are a critical addition to cop car lights and are mostly LED lights, which can be seen from a great distance, as well as be switch on for long periods of time without burning out. It is however important to consider the purpose of the cop car lights before purchasing them. For undercover work, dash lights, visor lights and emergency light bars are the most effective. LED lighting is the best type of lighting for any kind of emergency lighting. They are preferred because they are very bright, last for long without burning out and the flash on these lights is bright. LED lights are however expensive. A cheaper option that also works well is strobe lights. Strobe lights are also bright and the flash produced is effective in catching the attention of motorists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: