The depth of Hongkong delicacy figure ten stomach can not meet the strong desire of tourism Sohu cho

Figure ten | depth Hongkong delicacy stomach can not satisfy the strong desire of Sohu chowhound tourism in Hongkong, a city of five mixed. Draw of hand chop party go shopping paradise, lined on both sides of the Victoria Harbour District, the 100 year history of Star Ferry, the movie star artists feelings and entertainment gossip… ("… Figure: RF freshwater beach JM) in addition to these, Hongkong is a delicacy of all, can not buy buy buy, do not go to the harbour Disney, but can not eat fresh pineapple oil, at the corner of the street, Hot Tea, HK Style fish curry! There is tea in the "two cup", after the wife cake, dessert dessert snack Egg Tart…… (photo: RF JM / freshwater beach) go downhill in central uphill street, old paving, graffiti wall, street colored bars, there are various expressions of night. All of Hongkong, and this famous restaurant also has a row of stalls be too numerous to enumerate, corner lines; ("figure: RF freshwater beach JM the movie snakes) accidentally mixed background of the temple, here is the roadside stalls, mahjong, neon signs resplendent with variegated coloration reflects the dim lights in Hongkong, the civilian clubs are hiding a delicacy; (long figure: weak sauce) even in the tourist intensive Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, whether it is Guangdong Road as a main road, or Ashley road and Granville Road and side streets or alleys, Knutsford terrace hidden in the downtown corner, you can feel the That’s all delicacy; (^ map: RF freshwater beach JM) or in the famous shopping district of Tongluowan, you can find the full flavor of the authentic Hongkong food stalls, restaurants, tea shops, tea porridge shop, barbecue, dessert shop…… (3: weak sauce) in addition to those who had the reputation of the Greenwood, Tim luck, came to a local residents often come to tea and reading newspapers authentic restaurants or encounter a corner store, you will fall in love with the kind of taste, really indescribable ~ (- Map: strawberry taste you) from the ice room coffee shop, restaurant, noodle shop, barbecue restaurant, bakery and dessert syrup to special snack, Hong Kong dollars from dozens of a bowl of wonton noodle to hundreds of HK Michelin restaurant, followed by Feekr the exclusive Hongkong delicacy depth map, work together to enjoy the hook soul "yummy" in Hongkong! Find a noodle restaurant authentic doll face, bamboo noodle, wonton noodles, noodles, Hand-Pulled Noodle…… The bamboo hand from noodles noodles, wonton, sirloin collocation from the "luxury" of Hong Kong flavor to Japan from the exclusive Hand-Pulled Noodle branch, with a bowl of noodles waiting time enough to let a person can’t wait to eat delicious. || Yonghua home – the star of the Michelin surface bamboo noodle (3: RF freshwater beach JM) here but three Hongkong only rose one of the bamboo business, Yonghua surface house 60 years, is a Michelin star restaurant. The soup with shark boil, this is a lot of a meal after dry soup for. And the face is a real hand made of bamboo! Chewy texture and wonton in shrimp big ~ little shops,!相关的主题文章: