Thailand will advance the formal coronation of crown prince was in mourning after a year at the Sohu-sorpack

Thailand will advance the formal coronation of crown prince was in mourning after a year at Sohu – News [Global Times reported] to the crown prince of Thailand "early succession"? Beloved old king Bhumibhol died three weeks later, Thailand came to the throne Prince "message: according to the country’s military officials said, China is now actively preparing for the accession of Prince Vajiralongkorn in December 1st. However, the official coronation still wait for a year before holding. Reuters October 31st exclusive report, said an unnamed senior officer in Thailand, said: we are preparing for the year in December 1st." However, the specific time of succession arrangements, "I mean to say the prince". When the news came out, Vajiralongkorn has just left for Germany to do some private affairs, will return home in November. After the death of King Bhumibhol, the Prime Minister of Thailand, Pakistan Education said that the prince may be in 7 to 15 days of formal succession; but the prince I expressed with the people together in mourning will be temporarily shelved the throne ceremony. At present, Thailand at the age of 96, the president of the Privy Council prem Tinsulanonda as regent?. Even Vajiralongkorn to the throne on December, the official coronation still to wait a year, until the old king’s body was cremated before proceeding. In Thailand, offend the royal family belongs to a felony, heir to the throne such sensitive topics taboo topic, previous rumors anecdotal were not very accurate. "Global Times" reporter did not see any news for the throne Prince in Thailand media reports. The British "International Financial Times" reported that Prince Vajiralongkorn, although not like the old king that is all admired, but his successor is still in favor of the stability of the country. Responsible for the Thailand think-tank — Siam information agency Kang Yuanyong said that despite the recent Thailand unlikely political turmoil, but if the monarch change process is not smooth, the fear will breed political differences and tensions. (Gao Wenyu)相关的主题文章: