Ten million tons of hazardous waste were stolen from Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale Suzhou one c-xxjjyy.com

Million tons of hazardous waste steal row chairman of Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal Suzhou company were arrested – Beijing, Beijing, Nanjing, 2 19 (Xu Shanshan) 19, Suzhou Wuzhong people’s Procuratorate of external communications, Wuzhong District People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of polluting the environment, according to the law of Suzhou Jie Kang renewable materials Co. Ltd. Chairman Xu Kim and other directly responsible personnel and 6 made the decision to approve the arrest. Suzhou Kangjie renewable materials Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in hazardous waste management units, in the period from April 2014 to November 2015, in order to reduce the risk of waste disposal costs, reap huge profits, the company chairman Xu together with company director Chen (at large) in violation of state regulations, directs others to steal row of more than 1 tons without hazardous waste liquid treatment and into the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, serious pollution of the water environment. After the case, Suzhou Wuzhong District people’s Procuratorate of Taihu water environment and quickly start the judicial and administrative protection linkage mechanism, the backbone of the business organization, early intervention and guidance of the public security department investigation, analysis of pre judgment on the case. Identified by the careful review, Wuzhong District Procuratorate of Xu and other 6 people on suspicion of the crime of environmental pollution made the decision to approve the arrest. It is reported that this is the hospital this year for the first criminal cases of environmental pollution, Suzhou is by far the largest number of dangerous waste emissions, arrest the largest number of cases of environmental pollution together. At present, the case is under further investigation. (end)

万吨危险废液偷排京杭大运河 苏州一公司董事长被批捕-中新网   中新网南京2月19日电 (徐珊珊)19日,苏州市吴中区人民检察院对外通报,吴中区人民检察院以涉嫌污染环境罪,依法对苏州市康洁物资再生有限公司董事长徐某及直接责任人员金某等6人作出批准逮捕决定。   苏州市康洁物资再生有限公司是一家专业从事危险废物经营的单位,在2014年4月至2015年11月期间,为降低危险废液处理成本、谋取暴利,该公司董事长徐某伙同公司厂长陈某(在逃)违反国家规定,指使他人偷排1万余吨未经处理的危险废液并流入京杭大运河,严重污染水环境。   该案发生后,苏州吴中区人民检察院迅速启动太湖暨水环境司法与行政联动保护机制,组织业务骨干提前介入、指导公安部门侦查活动,对案件情况进行分析预判。   经认真审查认定,吴中区检察院依法对徐某等6人以涉嫌环境污染罪作出批准逮捕决定。   据悉,这是该院今年办理的首起环境污染刑事案件,也是苏州市迄今为止批捕人数最多、排放危险废液数量最多的一起环境污染案件。   目前,此案正在进一步侦查中。(完)相关的主题文章: