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Suzhou’s December 20th release of transverse drift down! Meng Lu acting outbreak crying scene halo Sohu entertainment sexy goddess Meng Lu, Prince Huang Haibing starring scheduled for martial arts summer next year’s movie "Suzhou youth" to sway the most popular forms of new media, O2O interactive online and offline mode. In the December 20, 2016 release! Meng Lu played the female lead Su Ling stone factory boss fashion hot mom. Meng Lu and Huang Haibing played a divorced couple, for children, staged a child heart emotion composite! Meng Lu took a day crying into the drama too emotional!! cried halo! The director praised the acting outbreak old play bone Yuan Yuan as Meng Lu’s father! Su Ling strong personality, but a good heart. Filial piety is the mother! Meng Lu played the first role. The film is known by the talented director Chen Jian and screenwriter executive! Suzhou teenager Huang Zicheng plays the male lead suzhan, who plays the son of Meng Lu. More coincidentally, Meng Lu and male number one right jaw of the same size as the mole of the same size as Huang Zicheng. The play has many powerful actor and child actor to join! "Suzhou youth" horizontal drift after four years of careful preparation of grinding, from multiple angles made a bold innovation in the theme choice, breaking the traditional layout scope of the theme of the movie for the first time, children’s education, love, comedy, action, science fiction and other elements. In the baggage and plot, is full of domineering, foot foot play material. The film "Suzhou junior drift" is about a family crisis after the outbreak, the Soviet Union with alien panda came to Hengdian, the dream of becoming a Kung Fu superstar. Spoiled but he did not adapt to the horizontal drift of life, Meng Lu’s mother finally decided to let his son sit in Hengdian film Career Academy performing arts classes, and agreed to the request of his son, and her ex husband remarried. The lost boys return to school, a broken mirror joined together in divorced families. The film is directed by the mainstream values of positive energy, showing a warm positive light comedy temperament. The creative team discussed many times in the character set tone, after considering the market factors have always believed that the firm’s own beliefs and spiritual feelings, is the best explanation to the audience. The film festival at home and abroad.相关的主题文章: