South Korean prosecutors to park face to face once again postponed the Sohu news inquiries-spyair

South Korean prosecutors to park "face to face" inquiries – Sohu once again postponed the news according to the sound of Chinese "peak Evening News" reported that South Korean President Park Geun hye is confidant politics surveyed event start date delayed, from prosecutors originally identified the bottom line No. 16, until 18. Today, park Geun hye’s lawyer again proposed to start investigating president next week. Previously, Liu Rongxia expressed to the time of the survey Park, and the number of Views: "the prosecution investigation has not been completed, ongoing. Every day, the media reported a variety of doubts, as the defenders need to sort out the basic doubts, as well as legal research and other defense time is necessary to find out the truth. In principle, it is best to carry out a written investigation, such as the need for face-to-face investigation, the less the better." At present Park and South Korean prosecutors have been caught in a tug of war. The two major differences between the two sides, one is to investigate the time on the surface of the beginning, the two is behind the time node is more important to investigate the form taken. Previously, prosecutors have said that Cui Shunshi is about to expire, so it must be filed before 20. If not to cooperate with the investigation in the Park No. 18, will delay the investigation time. Adhere to the face-to-face inquire is because President Park Geun hye is the core work of political events doubt Cui shun. It is reported that the South Korean prosecutors have been adjusted by the former chief secretary of Chong Wa Dae policy statement An Zhongfan, diary, manual confirmation, instructions to set up MIR consortium, K sports consortium. In addition, the prosecution also through the former Chong Wa Dae Zheng Hucheng, deputy secretary of the recording file in the phone to park Geun hye known or default Chong Wa Dae documents leaked to the possibility of a considerable degree of investigation. It is enough to draw the president face-to-face inquiry. Party School of the Central Committee of the International Institute for strategic studies expert Zhang Liangui said North Korea, park Geun hye of the investigation began time delays, is a bargaining strategy, most likely caused by a strong rebound in the South Korean people are more emotional, "defense lawyer Pu Jinhui through several times investigation of delayed time arrangement, especially public opposition to her intention of this arrangement questioned that Pu Jinhui had repeatedly delayed the expression to be good with the prosecution’s contradiction. I want to park must have their own considerations, to find a suitable time or by the prosecution and bargaining, to comply with their wishes for how and where the controversial issues with the prosecution some agreement." At the same time, the South Korean parliament plenary meeting, by 196 votes in favor, 10 votes against and 14 abstentions, voted on the investigation of the appointment of an independent prosecutor "cronies of South Korean President Park Geun hye" bill. In addition, according to the "national investigation door close plan" is also overwhelmingly approved. How will the plan be implemented? The independent counsel group will investigate the longest 70 days from December to park "cronies door", if we get the president approved the investigation can prolong the time of 30 days. In addition, on the basis of national investigation plans to set up the Congress regulating UNSCOM will be investigated for a period of 60 days of close door, covering the presidential office, security office, the presidential guard room, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of education, Ministry of science, Ministry of justice, culture and sports concept"相关的主题文章: