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It pays to carefully select a home security service since these services are designed to protect your house from a home invasion. Many of these services will require a lease, so it may be difficult to get out of a signed agreement if it is not what you expected. The first thing you should check is how long have they been in business. Attempt to locate a home security company that has been around for a minimum of five years. This will at least suggest that they will not fold up in the near future. Next you should verify that the company has all the proper licenses. For example, do they have a low-voltage electrical license? Request that you see a copy of the license. If the home security company is legit, they should have no problem giving you this information. Find out if the company is bonded and insured. The company will be held liable if while on your property, any damage occurs. Please do not overlook this as it is a very important step and can end up saving you a lot of money if something does happen. See if they do background checks when hiring employees. This is self-explanatory as you do not want a criminal in charge of protecting your house. Would you be required to lease the home security system or would they be selling it to you? Both option has advantages and disadvantages so you must know what you are committing to. How long is the warranty if you are required to buy the system? Pay attention to the salesman when it comes time to select a alarm system. He or she must know the products extremely well. Many of these salesman receive incentives or are working on commission which means they will often times try to sell you unnecessary extras. Please be aware of this. Inquire as to what the final price is after everything is added. This will be the sales and installer fees plus whatever your monthly monitoring service runs. Some services will increase your monthly monitoring fees so you must find out if this price is set or if it will periodically go up. This is only a few questions that you must ask when looking to purchase from a home security service. Check with the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association if you are not sure where to find a home security service. They will give you a list of services in your town. You can also get referrals for home security services from neighbors and friends. Another good source for referrals is your local insurance company. If you are looking to provide your loved ones with the utmost in security, a home security system can be the answer. Put your mind at ease and have a home security system installed and say goodbye to uneasy nights. There Are Over 400 Million People On Facebook By: Jenson Phillips – There are over 400 million people on Facebook. Chances are that many individuals you know have Facebook accounts and they also may not be individuals you suspect. 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