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Shenzhen International School of barbaric growth chaos: there are school year closed – Beijing 1 Bai longs Mission Hills nursery school children in school from kindergarten to accept international education children International School in a corner. A school year the school closed within a year for the two schools in the international school to remind the industries need to think twice in the past two years, Shenzhen is the International School of "the great leap forward, more and more international schools appeared, only the Guangzhou Daily reporter rough statistics there are more than a dozen. A hard to find some "International School"; some schools did not survive the year of the "new" period, even hurried exit to be acquired in. What is the "International School"? "International School" why A new force suddenly rises.? In the chaos, how to keep their eyes open, looking for their own children to a good school? This reporter for the reader since the end of Shenzhen international school". The Guangzhou Daily reporter Xiao Lujun phenomenon: more and more foreign schools at the Shenzhen Guangzhou Daily reporter learned that, in recent years, Shenzhen is the International School of "the great leap forward, the reporter rough statistics the new school has more than a dozen. Many of them have outstanding school consortia’s development background, such as Bai longs Guanlanhu school, the Mission Hills education group and 500 year old British elite school joint running school Bai think, from kindergarten to high school. There are real estate developers involved in the field of international education, such as last year in September, the opening of the school and the Shenzhen 170000 170000 international high school. In addition, in the "Shenzhen East strategy" to promote education in the rapid development, Longgang. The autumn of this year, Longgang has two international schools fresh appearance began enrollment, are Sandy Springs foreign language school and the eastern Longgang international college. Survey: operation management team who lantern for reporters to understand, because a lot of foreign school hastily launched, part of the school teachers are not in place, leading to students after the discovery and promotion of entry is too large, and flow rate is large. In addition, due to the concept of investment and management team is not the same, leading to instability in the management team is also a lot of foreign schools face problems. There are two principal in the school year after the resignation of John international high school is a good reputation in the new school, but the management team is not stable. According to the insiders broke the news, the school opened in September last year, and the first president Liu Qiuyun was conflicted with investment advice, had left at the end of last year. At the same time, the school’s first executive president Xu Kajia in the opening year after leaving, the successor is Zheng Huiyi. Earlier, President Zheng Huiyi was a former Telford international school, a new international school and ruidefu also last year began enrollment, so that Zheng Huiyi Reed Fu for not long time. Instability in Shenzhen’s management team is not a family. Zhu Yuan, who served as Dean of University of Science and Technology of China youth class teacher, 20 years, won the "Lifetime Achievement Award China gifted education". In 2014, Zhu source co founded the Shenzhen Bona international school". But it is understood that Zhu source in the school only a year away. It was the opening half of the acquisition of Shenzhen love Yin Tak International School is a China by Hongkong olin.相关的主题文章: