Shen Teng married Wulongshan Earl fair play to Ma Li nervous

Shen Teng married "Wulongshan Earl" fair play to Ma Li nervous tinnitus [Abstract]9 month 10 days, by Shen Teng, Ma Li starred in the drama "Wulongshan Earl" was a prelude to a national tour in Beijing geological auditorium. After a lapse of six years, the gold medal on the comedy stage partner again, with the tacit understanding. Tencent entertainment news on September 10th, by Shen Teng, Ma Li starred in the drama "the count of Oolong mountain" in Beijing geological auditorium opened the prelude to the national tour. After a lapse of six years, the gold medal on the comedy stage partner again, with the tacit understanding. After "Wulongshan Earl" Beijing bill, 50 times higher than usual traffic crowded ticketing system, in order to allow more support "twist" series of the audience had a happy twist drama addiction, also announced on the spot at the premiere in Beijing in November 1, 2 days two! Ma Liliang phase the audience cheers Shen Teng was closed without a nap "comedy god 6 years ago as the" Wulongshan Earl "version of premiere lineup, Shen Teng Ma Li once again on stage for many drama fans in tears. In the play the two played a pair of lovers to show the full understanding of revenge, Shen Teng, will the hero of "Xie crab" Adorable cheap temperament to acme, Ma Li full acting "online", to show the most incisive double character actress. Although Ma Li said too much pressure, until the end is still in the ear "buzz", but she is just perfect comedy in moderation, has caused the audience applause and cheers. Shen Teng noon wedding feast to thank, night fair play, claiming to have "procrastination" he said can memorize lines, smooth over very surprise. The side of the host often far verse frequent ridicule, he took a nap for the show "spirit worth learning for all". Popular plus field! Only to reward the audience comedy "twist" gene blossom everywhere, high-profile roots in Beijing market for many years, happy twist drama brand has long been popular. Shen Teng Ma Li return to the stage, Beijing has only played a large number of news, let the Beijing audience heart thump". Even if the bandwidth to the usual fifty times the width of the ticket website, invoice or gorgeous paralyzed. In order to repay the support of the audience as in the past, happy twist Beijing company in November 1, 2 emergency decision on two additional performances, so that more people can see "out of print" years of Shen Ma "version of Wulongshan Earl". The "Wulongshan Earl" star version of national tour around the office also talked about all the way, both inside and outside the industry attention "twist mode", happy twist Beijing performing arts brokerage company general manager Wang Liang said: "many people asked Shen Tengma Li movies will come back to play, whether it is in fact drama, film or a variety of different platforms, happy twist behind have a mature artist cultivation system. The rich resources of theatrical fun twist for more love comedy new space to find self display platform and advanced, and already famous actors would come back to play, this is a benign cycle." "Wulongshan Earl" are likely to be made into a film director Yan non: do not want to be led by the nose "for half a minute a bursting point, once a minute applause", this is "Wulongshan Earl" propaganda, but the director Yan said: "non show:相关的主题文章: