Russian media Russian Corps Combat Force into Syria isolation warring parties-tencent upd

Russian media: Russian Corps Combat Force into Syria "isolation" warring parties information: allegedly Russian Marines in Syria theater photo original title: Russian Marines into Syria Combat: forced "isolation" warring parties according to Russia’s "independent" website reported on September 16th, 15, there is news that the Russian navy the Marines took over garrison near Castro strategic hub of the road to Aleppo Syria forces. Russian soldiers appeared in the defense of the news along with Syria where the opposition has been heavily attacked video. It is reported, which is required by the Russian agreement signed in Geneva last week. The Russian official sources, neither confirmed nor denied the Russian deployment of Marines in the vicinity of Aleppo news. But it is clear that Russia has begun to use outside the air force to support the Syria government forces, into a local ground operations. In the words of peacekeepers, this is called forced peace. Reported that, from the Russian ambassador to Syria ceasefire Coordination Center for Vladimir ·, then Fuqin; SA can be learned, along the highway is being built inside the demilitarized zone. From the morning of 15, Syria government forces and moderate opposition forces should be kept away from the road. Maas Dahl news website reported that the Russian Marines have arrived at the designated location. In addition, Castro highway will set up two red crescent mark, humanitarian supplies and decided to leave Aleppo by government forces surrounded by people in the region will be through.相关的主题文章: