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The film "Red Army Propaganda inheritance of the spirit of the Red Army primary school" premiere held in Beijing – Beijing Film "Red Army" primary school director Ding Lin said at the premiere in September 26, recently, to commemorate the eighty anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the Chinese Yanan Spirit Research Association, the National Army primary school construction project Council jointly sponsored by the red classics of children "the primary school" story premiere held in Beijing Film Academy. The film "Red Army" supervised by Chinese primary school, Yanan Spirit Research Association Secretary General Su Xisheng said in his speech, this year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, 80 years ago, the Red Army in Chinese Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party, after a bloody battle, finished twenty-five thousand in the long march miracle, writing a magnificent epic revolution. Shooting the movie "Red Army" primary school is to publicize the spirit of the Red Army, inheriting the spirit of the Red Army, to carry forward the spirit, I hope the children take the new long march road, let the red gene be handed down from age to age to hold up tomorrow’s sun. Beijing fangcaode international school student representative Wu Sicheng watched the movie excited expression, see the Little Red Army soldiers while learning, while zhangangfangshao to engage the enemy situation, he was deeply moved. Happy life today not easily won, you must study hard to become the spirit of the Red Army, the Communist successor. Beijing Fontainebleau Experimental Primary School Xu Ruotong said, by watching movies, by their education and moved, we will keep the revolutionary spirit, make efforts, the future construction of the motherland to make greater contributions! 7 young performers invited to Beijing in 22, to Tiananmen square to participate in the flag raising ceremony, and with the national flag Guard soldiers carried out activities hand in hand, to accept the patriotic education of the sacred. The film "Red Army" primary school chief designer and award-winning actor and director, posed for pictures in September 24th, the National Army Construction Engineering Council primary school in Beijing Great Hall of the people held to commemorate the eighty anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army primary school construction project, the ten anniversary of the red classic children’s story "Red Army" outstanding actor, filial piety juvenile primary school ceremony. The film tells the story of "Red Army" of the primary school is the old revolutionary folks for Chinese revolutionary dedication story. In 30s, the Central Soviet Red Army primary school founded ", cultivate successors to the revolution. A group of poor people’s children, under the training of the Red Army school, learning knowledge, learning culture, they are resourceful and brave, not afraid of sacrifice, cover the Red Army teachers and the Red Army offspring breakout. The film "Red Army" on location in the Sichuan primary school all Bazhong, Nanjiang County, grace Yang Town Sichuan Shaanxi revolutionary base, and revolutionary base Museum shooting.相关的主题文章: