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In October the national network report department accepting the report about 3600000 – Beijing October 2016, net letter office, all sites across the country to take effective measures to actively promote the network reporting work, received a total of 3 million 610 thousand pieces of illegal information reporting. Audited, 2 million 560 thousand pieces of effective reporting. A comprehensive analysis of the network report, pornographic harmful information reporting is still more prominent, up to 1 million 545 thousand, accounting for 60.3%; the political class of harmful information reported accounted for 13.1%; fraud harmful information reported accounted for 7.1%; violation of the rights and interests of users accounted for more than 4% kinds of harmful information reported; gambling harmful information reported violence accounted for 3.5%; the fear of such harmful information reported accounted for 2.1%; the network paid delete posts extortion and harmful information reporting accounted for 0.1%; the other harmful information reported accounted for 9.8%. October, the national network reporting departments directly to the law enforcement agencies to deal with illegal or harmful information and effective reporting of 2 million 445 thousand, through various channels to the user feedback disposal results of 2 million 428 thousand. Among them, China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center directly accepted effective report 31458; around the network information office departments report to accept valid report 191 thousand; the central focus of the news website received a total effective report 383; the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) territorial key website (including the main business website) receiving effective report 2 million 338 thousand. The main business website to accept illegal and effective reporting of 2 million 301 thousand pieces of bad information, disposal or transfer to the law enforcement department of 2 million 202 thousand. Among them, the Tencent accept valid report 1 million 941 thousand (which, WeChat 1 million 32 thousand, QQ82.1 million, micro-blog 10 thousand, Sina 53 thousand, website) receiving effective report 180 thousand (including Sina, micro-blog, Baidu 143 thousand) receiving effective report 162 thousand, the Alibaba received 16 thousand valid reports, Tianya receiving effective report 1781 Katie, the network receiving effective report 690, youku.com receiving effective report 356, Sohu accepted effective report 204, NetEase accepted effective report 67, ifeng.com receiving effective report 64. Recently, there are criminals posing as the reporting center staff, with "fraudulent use of identity cards, for Internet fraud, to assist in the investigation of" suspected number to send fraudulent messages, will be shut down "on the grounds that engaged in fraudulent activities. The reporting center to remind the reporting center staff will never use personal mobile phone and Internet connection, not for any reason to stop operation of mobile phone, but does not require the remittance fee, pay the deposit. Internet users, such as receiving a similar phone, should be vigilant, do not disclose personal information, do not click on the link to their hair, not to transfer money. If you have questions, you can call the 12377 hotline to verify, no need to dial any number before the number. If you encounter network fraud, please report to the public security organs for the first time. Welcome the majority of Internet users to actively report illegal and harmful Internet information. Report phone: 12377 report website: report mail.相关的主题文章: