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UnCategorized The famous Gold Rush of Sacramento is what gives this beautiful capital city its old world charm. However, this forms only a small part of its appeal. Though Old Sacramento takes us back to the gilded past, its modern day counterpart .prises of tall, gleaming buildings, high-tech industries, vibrant and lively art and a burgeoning nightlife. Since the weather is pleasant all year round, Sacramento has be.e a tourist hub. It offers plenty of opportunities for various outdoor, daytime activities and the nightlife and fine dining has been picking up over the past few years. Although Sacramento is not world renowned for its buzzing nightlife, there are many entertaining pubs and clubs to visit, after it gets dark. Most of the restaurants in Old Sacramento and other parts of the city flaunt live entertainment in the form of the music played by the local bands, at least twice a week. On days when live music is unavailable, DJs play music ranging from country to salsa and swing. The restaurants in Sacramento are very entertaining and offer multi-cuisine dining facilities. The clubs air different kinds of music and close around 2 am. They charge tourists reasonably and offer real value for the money spent. However, there are a couple of elite clubs for the wealthy, who desire a good time. Here are a few high-end nightclubs for all those who are willing to pay handsomely to shake a leg and have a drink: . Amourath 1819: It is situated within the Hyatt Regency. This plush lobby-level lounge has an outdoor patio that overlooks the pool. . Blue Cue: It is situated on the corner of 28th and J streets. This expensive billiards lounge bar has pool and shuffleboard tables. It also features a variety of single malt scotch and premium vodka. . The Park Ultra Lounge: It is Sacramentos newly launched hot spot. This ultra chic club is elegantly furnished and is open till 2 am. . Guvs Lounge: It is located within the Clarion Hotel and this upscale lounge bar offers a charming and .fortable ambience to those who prefer to meet friends and clients regularly and informally. In addition, Sacramento also offers a variety of ethnic and fine dining restaurants, most of which flaunt the use of seasonal and fresh Californian ingredients to .e up with a mouthwatering fusion cuisine. The fine dining restaurants have earned Sacramento the repute of being a restaurant hub in California. Listed below are a few of the classy restaurants in Sacramento: . La Boulangerie: It is also known as La Bou. It is a bakery and cafe and has a healthy and diet conscious menu that offers everything from sandwiches to soups to the mouthwatering croissants. . Danielles: This elite restaurant is very famous for its sensational breakfast and brunch menu. With its brilliant crepes and dedicated service, this upscale restaurant is a winner. . Rio City Cafe: It is situated on the banks of the Sacramento River and this trendy restaurant is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Sacramento. The restaurants offer the opportunity to indulge in the regional and local wines. Apart from the Napa Valley Wines that are world famous, the local Foothill Winery also flaunts similar vintage. With its vibrant nightlife and a range of restaurants and wines, this town has a delightful mix of the old world charm and the modern day elegance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: