Network transmission g actress unfortunate cliff Shuyao Guo, Gan Tingting issued a document denied –

Network transmission G actress unfortunate cliff Shuyao Guo, Gan Tingting issued a denial – micro-blog. In new network on 28 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, 27 on the network crazy pass G surname actress did not use proxy unfortunately reconnects news triggered all netizens began to wonder who is it? According to whistleblowers, "said the actress are celebrities, said everyone knows the name", so users play the spirit of Conan, started comparing clues, then named is still active in front of the screen G surname actress! Analysis of the information provided by the number of clues, users have named everyone familiar with several actors, and then came out G actress Shuyao Guo. In order not to let the fans worry, Shuyao Guo immediately in the micro-blog snapshots I now work in Penghu, all safe, and bless the actress All is well.; Gan Tingting micro-blog. In addition, the netizens think the possibility is the highest in the "Water Margin" as mainland actress Gan Tingting Pan Jinlian, because of her micro-blog from the last posting, 16 days have passed, so the legions of fans flocked to the message "you are so kind, want not you!" And she also issued a document in micro-blog, explained that the reason he did not send a long time, because just finished 3 plays, their vacation at home with their parents, but also about to invest in the next film shooting, thank you for your concern.相关的主题文章: