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"Natural science and technology": still in the investigation of the Korean spring paper controversy – Xinhua news agency, London, October, (reporter Zhang Jiawei) – Han Chunyu thesis controversy continues to date, many scholars questioned 30. In this regard, published in the British Journal of natural biotechnology in the latest response to Xinhua News Agency reporters said, is still continuing to investigate the incident, there is no further decision". Han Chunyu and his team at Hebei University Of Science and Technology in China in May, the world’s leading academic journal Nature, the Journal of natural biotechnology, the report found a new gene editing technology NgAgo – gDNA. The paper said, compared with the current mainstream technology CRISPRCas9 gene editing in the field, NgAgogDNA has advantages in some aspects. But then China and abroad have publicly stated that scholars can not repeat the experiment described in the paper, the results of this study were questioned. After the controversy, the publication of this paper, "natural biotechnology" how to deal with this incident has become one of the focus. Xinhua News Agency reporters before again contacted the "natural biological technology"?, its spokesman said: "the investigation is still underway, there is no further decision making." In an earlier e-mail interview, the spokesman told Xinhua that the journal’s own ability to investigate "limited", because we can not contact the laboratory materials". If necessary, any paper carried out extensive investigation, and it is beyond the scope of the journal, "we will inform the agency, and asked them to conduct a thorough investigation", "this kind of investigation often takes a relatively long time". The papers published before the relevant audit issues, the spokesman said, the authenticity of the responsibility of the author describes the research results of the thesis, participate in peer review experts though to assess the effectiveness of the research methods and conclusions based on the description of the information provided, but they cannot assess the presence of fraud, "if some people try to deliberately bypass this system, they are likely to succeed". The Edinburgh MRC Center for molecular medicine, biological regeneration Champlain scholars has launched a Deva? And network investigation for NgAgo gDNA experimental conditions. As of 29, 215 researchers have responded to the questionnaire, of which more than 60% people on the current technology NgAgogDNA expressed dissatisfaction. Dvali in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters Han Chunyu said: "the team itself should try to repeat the experiment in other laboratory building or their university and their partnership with the laboratory should also further experiment again. The paper should be withdrawn if it turns out that it will not work." The prospects for the development of gene editing technology, Dvali said: "I think that compared to the NgAgo gDNA technology, CRISPR Cas9 technology easier to use, but also very efficient, in 2 to 5 years is unlikely to be replaced other technology." However, Han Chunyu said in an interview with the media.相关的主题文章: