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Mold shake Sen break up? The reason is Taylor than with her boyfriend in High-profile awards – an American magazine entertainment Sohu broke the Taylor hiddleston breaking up in June 2016, Taylor and Tom sea hand hug kiss love exposure. [Photos] see Sohu entertainment news according to a US magazine broke the news, Taylor – Swift (Taylor Swift) and James (Tom Hiddleston)! It is reported that the reason for the split is hiddleston hoping to high-profile announced romance, with Taylor in the Emmy Awards, and Taylor refused, said private life is private life, do not want to take the private relationship between the two of them do so publicly, Taylor eventually broke up, two people suspected of 3 month end of romance. According to Taiwan media "news" reported on September 5th, singer Taylor – Swift (Taylor Swift) and "Rocky" Tom – Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) since the public affair, with various flash posture capture layout, but recently rarely seen in public, 2 of them have appeared, because the man broke the kiss and tell she can not stand too sticky, in a visit when talking about romance and recently become prevarication, he heard the man enough to become others laughingstock, hope she get rid of high attitude. Love after the announcement, Taylor appeared to shake sweet picture will often fit Sen was shot, the former love according to inventory. See [Photos] according to foreign media reports, Tom and Taylor – Swift love too high-profile but invidious by netizens, loss is "the century’s most concerned about a pair of Gu", because he could not accept his become the laughing stock of the woman, and an ultimatum, if we don’t get rid of sticky the high-profile habit is the 2 love now. In fact, before it had foreign media reports Taylor Swift because it did not feel safe, frequently worry about the popular Tom will eat, so where she would follow her boyfriend, and even continue to throw foreign want to get married with her message, also traced a strong desire to control women, even if the man tried to comfort her but the effect is not obvious, these factors add up to the exhausted, but she seemed to her boyfriend "enough" attitude very dissatisfied, said to a friend complained that the man can get so many pages "he thanks me", both sides seem to disagree, the feeling seems to in crisis.相关的主题文章: