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Miss brother holiday rental was working to see his father stabbed depression of female Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) on a miss brother came to visit Beijing summer vacation working father, but in rental housing in gelsenkirchen. They are called "aunt Chen Li", due to the onset of depression, the chopper cousin husband 7 year old son hacked to death, 8 year old daughter cut into serious injuries. Beijing morning news reporter yesterday was informed that Chen Liyin was sentenced to 15 days in Beijing City Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance sentenced to two years. Chen Li’s husband Zhou and her father killed Kwak are cousins do delivery business in beijing. July 2014, Kwak wife with three children from Jiangxi home to visit relatives in Beijing. In July 11th 8, Chen Li at home in the first 7 year old boy in cutting knife neck several knives, causing their instant death; and the 8 year old girl Lili’s head and face, neck, hands, chopped, identified as seriously injured. In July 16th of the same year, Chen Li was arrested. Forensic identification shows that Chen Li in the depressed state of the crime, the ability to identify damage control, is a limited capacity for criminal responsibility. It is reported that the day before the incident, Chen Li was knocked down in the supermarket when the billboard fell, after the head CT examination without injury, and then go home in the afternoon. The next morning, only Chen Li and the young mother and two siblings at home, Chen Li suddenly fell ill. The court held that, according to forensic opinion, Chen Li crime in depression, assessed as limited criminal responsibility, a case are not completely lost the ability to recognize and control his own behavior, has the subjective intent to kill, should bear the criminal responsibility. In view of the crime in the depression, assessed as limited criminal responsibility, the law can be punished more leniently. Chen Li and his legal representatives to actively compensate the victims of economic losses and their close relatives, can be appropriate sentences. Accordingly, the first instance of intentional homicide sentenced Chen Li to 15 years in prison.相关的主题文章: