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The Ministry of Education: new English test in 2020 before the launch of the Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) International Symposium on test and evaluation of the language of the recently held second, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education Huiqing Lin said at the meeting, the National English proficiency test level development has achieved results, plans to gradually launched in 2020. The Ministry of education plans, initially completed the National English proficiency test level, Chinese English ability rating scale and the international well-known English exam, well-known foreign language scale, improve the development of docking study systematic examination, promote research, combined with the evaluation and summative assessment form to 2020, modern foreign language ability evaluation standard system basically completed unified and diversified functions. The new test covers all stages of education vice minister Lin Huiqing of the Ministry of education, the past two years, the Ministry of Education organized more than one hundred domestic and foreign experts and scholars for the construction of China foreign language ability evaluation system, has achieved certain results. China English proficiency rating scale has completed the main development, is expected in 2017 officially announced. On the basis of drawing on the experience of the development of the international language proficiency scale, the scale of the Chinese English proficiency scale has also carried out a large scale empirical study from the primary school to the University in 28 provinces in china. In the future, it will be the first standard to cover the teaching, learning and assessment of English Teaching in china. "It will help to solve the different standard English test in China, the separation of teaching and testing, teaching target of each stage is not coherent, to achieve mutual recognition of communication English Teaching" through-train "and a variety of learning outcomes." Lin Huiqing said. It is understood that the China English ability rating scale in addition to the description of listening and speaking, reading and writing skills, but also build a "pragmatic competence" scale, the purpose is to promote the cultivation of English Teaching in China on students’ language proficiency and cultural awareness and intercultural communicative competence. In addition, the table also includes translation and interpretation ability scale. To promote the mutual recognition of the results of the study of domestic and foreign communication according to Lin Huiqing, the current national English proficiency test level development work in smoothly, the examination plan gradually launched in 2020. "The establishment of the grade examination will enhance the scientific, systematic and selective of the English test in our country" s primary education stage, and provide a coherent and orderly step for the development of the students’ foreign language ability." It is understood that the National English proficiency test level developed foreign language test development philosophy, to China English ability rating scale as the basis, the examination at all levels coherent and orderly, based on inheriting the advantages of the domestic English exam, the exam level design classification, to meet the different needs of different stages of education. In fact, the reform of college entrance examination of foreign language in China continues to deepen. College entrance examination this year, there are 26 provinces using the unified proposition of the English papers. The content of the examination has strengthened the foundation, comprehensiveness, application and innovation. And in October this year, Zhejiang province held the first foreign language subjects, one year two test, the first test. Lin Huiqing said that after the completion of the Chinese English proficiency rating scale, the grade examination, should be carried out as soon as possible with the foreign scale, test docking study to promote communication between domestic and foreign learning results.相关的主题文章: