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Health Are you manifesting fitness? What are you waiting for? Get up and do something about that pouch around the belly. Cant go up more than three stairs at a time? You must start correcting that one right now. Do you need 10 hours of sleep every night and still look like you need a good nights sleep? Youve tried before but have given up? You have a weight problem and the doctor says its your thyroid? Excuses, excuses. It is possible to develop a trim and fit body. You are the one who can get muscle tone back, lose the pounds of overweight and energize yourself so you can manifest fitness and return to the vibrantly healthy person you once were. We weaken ourselves by imagining that we are hopelessly weak. We strengthen ourselves by imagining that we are supremely strong. The limitations of the body can definitely be surmounted. You may ask, Why do I need to be fit? The body needs sufficient strength in order to stay on earth and play the role we were meant to play. If we feel that the body is the temple of the soul, then we must provide for the soul by manifesting a high level of fitness. How to do it? Follow six easy ways below. .mit and set goals. To take yourself from fat to fit you must make a personal .mitment. Decide what you want to achieve physically and mentally then you can start setting goals. Write them down to help maintain your .mitment and manifest fitness. Over.e lethargy. Get up off the chair. Are you feeling lethargic, lazy, not wanting to even move? You must begin by being dynamic and active inwardly; only then can you be.e dynamic and active outwardly and begin to manifest your ideal fitness level. Does your body really need the rest? Leave aside self-indulgence. When people surrender to their weaknesses, we see how they can ruin their lives. Someone says, I can start exercising anytime I want, but do they? After years of inactivity, weight gain and illnessare they able? Try the following. All you have to move is your mouth and your feet. Repeat the word dynamism and walk. The word dynamism has tremendous power. As soon as you begin to repeat dynamism, visualize strength and energy .ing into your arms, legs, heart or some other part of your body. Find support. Team up with a friend, a gym, a health club or a yoga teacher. Your buddy will help you to stay .mitted and accountable and provide interest while you are engaged. Like what you are doing while you are saying, No to more fat and flab. Develop discipline and self-control. To manifest fitness, to have good strength, endurance, agility and balance, there are certain things that you must do on a regular daily basis. Reward yourself at the end of a week of disciplined action. If you set your exercise time for 7a.m., try to stick to that time as much as possible. The body functions best when it is disciplined to perform on a regular basis, preferably 5 or 6 days out of 7. Challenge your body. Feel that you are making your body work. In order to make progress toward manifesting fitness, you must make extra demands on the body. In other words, slightly increase the stress on the bodys strength and endurance every week or so. Get some coaching if you are unsure, in order to avoid injury. Care for your body as if it were a child. You would want to make sure that your body-child is well nourished, hydrated and rested, especially with the added demands of exercise. Remember to reward it for performing well and offer gratitude for any progress made. Once you are looking good and feeling fit, you will see that your determination, perseverance, enthusiasm and exercise have paid off. No more fat or flab! Now you deserve to claim a trim and fit body – healthy, vibrant and energetic. You are manifesting fitness! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: