Man depressed mood to vent on the bus to embrace a strange female passenger (video)

The man depressed mood to vent on the bus cling to a strange female passenger prison beat man depressed mood to vent on the bus to embrace a strange woman Qianjiang Evening News (newspaper reporter correspondent Hu Xuejun Hua Wei) on the bus, in addition to prevent theft "third hand", also have to watch out for "groping". Yesterday, Hangzhou city police announced a case to remind the girls to pay attention to. November 8th at noon, Miss Yang, Hangzhou (a pseudonym) in West Lake Cultural Square bus station, ready to go to Tianshui bridge. On the bus, as many people on board, no empty seat, Miss Yang stood in front of a vehicle by the railing, leaning on the railing of the right hand. There is a double position near the railing, sitting around a 40 year old, wearing a blue jacket, slightly scruffy man, the man’s right hand resting on the railing. All of a sudden, the man on the railing of the right hand down the railing down, pretending to inadvertently touched Miss Yang’s hand, Miss Yang was touched, alert to avoid. But who knows, what happened later too…… The man got up from his seat and walked slowly behind Miss Yang, we think that men are ready to get off from the door, did not think the man in Miss Yang suddenly open arms from behind, after the party around miss yang. "Ah! What are you doing!" Miss Yang shouted while desperately trying to break free. See the behind the scenes, the bus driver to pull over and shut the door firmly, don’t let the man escape, and timely alarm. Police rushed to the scene, will be arrested. After the examination, the man surnamed Li, Jiangxi, Lee confessed their illegal activities. According to Lee explained, the last time the mood is very depressed, I want to find a way to vent, then made a contemptible move this scene on the bus. Currently, Lee has been sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention punishment. Police warned that girls should encounter a similar situation in a timely manner to call for help, to protect their own at the same time, the first time the police, do not condone illegal behavior. (Evening News)相关的主题文章: