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Ma Yun’s message to young people: I love the movies was also a passerby – entertainment channel — original title: Ma Yun: I was a passerby "giant" poster yesterday afternoon, the Alibaba announced a package of pictures in Beijing coordinated development plan with the Amblin Partners production company, Ali pictures acquired Amblin stake in the film, and expand cooperation in investment, production, derivatives and other publicity. Hand in hand with Amblin founder and chairman of the international famous director Spielberg, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba to Ma, "I was a passerby to national film loving young people. Ali pictures hand Spielberg Ali pictures partner Amblin Partners production company, its major shareholders include DreamWorks Studios, Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment (India consortium company) and Entertainment One. The introduction of Amblin Ali pictures is the first time the company introduced China capital. Amblin founder Spielberg, is one of the world’s most successful and influential filmmakers, who directed "Jaws" E.T. "aliens" and "Indiana Jones" series, "Saving Private Ryan" "Jurassic Park", "war horse" and other large, is in the history of the highest grossing movie worldwide. Spielberg’s film career has won numerous honors, including the three to win the Oscar prize. Reporters at the scene was informed that, at the beginning of the establishment of the Amblin Partnres, the audience into the Chinese market, the company’s core strategy, the company has been hoping to sell some of the shares to introduce new shareholders in Beijing. According to the agreement, the Alibaba will film the acquisition of a stake, as one of its strategic shareholders, the two sides will make joint investment, cooperation, in derivatives and publicity issue areas in close cooperation. In addition, Ali pictures will be stationed in a representative to the board of directors of Partners Amblin. The two sides will jointly promote the new movie this is the first time cooperation, Ali pictures investment companies in Hollywood. Since August 2014, a strategic focus of Ali pictures is an international business. At present, Ali pictures has been in the United States, Britain, South Korea and other countries to establish the key content production business team. Since 2015, Ali pictures have invested "mission impossible 5: mysterious kingdom" "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: breaking show" 3 "Star Trek: beyond the stars" and other Hollywood blockbusters and Korean film "REAL", and the joint venture of Skydance shooting WWII movie "Flying Tigers" etc.. The reporter understands, Amblin Partners there are many works which are making, directed by Spielberg "a giant" in the upcoming China released in mainland. In addition, "the lights between the ocean", "the girl on the train", "a dog’s life purpose" and Warner Bros.相关的主题文章: