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Inner Mongolia tracing more than and 200 swans death if people will be punished – Beijing, Hohhot October 25th new media news (reporter Yu Jia) Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol Grassland a lake was recently found to have hundreds of dead swans. The body of the white swan was "one" in the shape of the lake in the photo detonated the major social media. The 25 reporters from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xilinguole Meng Zhenglanqi County Government Information Office was informed that the death of Swan samples have been inspected, the cause of death if it is man-made, will severely deal with. Reporters learned that, Xilinguole Meng (Zhenglanqi County) Zhagesi Taiwan hematoxylin (township) estblishing Nur (Lake) recently appeared in succession of death events of migratory birds. At present, the local found a total of 259 dead birds, the Little Swan 233, mallard was 26, there were no injuries. The local authorities after receiving the report, immediately organized by the Xilinguole Meng administrative office of leading group leader, in charge of agriculture and animal husbandry and public security work of the deputy chief deputy head of the investigation and disposal of the working group, to lead the public security, forestry, environmental protection departments responsible person and technical personnel first time rushed to the scene to guide the disposal. It is understood that the local organization and technical personnel in a timely manner to extract water samples from the lake and dead bodies of migratory birds, and the surrounding environment monitoring. At present, the extracted samples have been distributed in Xilinguole Meng and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region related inspection agencies inspection, in order to find out the cause of death and the dead bodies of birds, harmless treatment. At the same time, the public security organs arrange police investigation clues, investigate the cause of the incident, once confirmed to cause the death of migratory birds, will be dealt with according to law, severely crack down on the relevant personnel responsible. In addition, Xilinguole Meng has increased the protection of migratory birds to strengthen the focus on the habitat of migratory birds patrol. Local forestry, food, medicine, industry and commerce departments are making a comprehensive investigation of the poultry market, once the problem is found, will be promptly reported and severely dealt with according to law. Xilinguole Meng Zhenglanqi Zhagesi Taiwan hematoxylin estblishing Nur about 300 kilometers from Beijing. Estblishing Nur Mongolia meaning "Swan Lake", the annual autumn and winter are flying south for the winter Swan to stop here, in the meantime had traces of poachers. Reporters learned that, after the death of these birds determine, the relevant information will be released in a timely manner.相关的主题文章: