Inner Mongolia gold market began to pick up the market for the better whereisip

Inner Mongolia gold market began to pick up the market for the better Hohhot evening news (reporter Mu Lan) August 26th, reporters from the Gold Corporation to Inner Mongolia, Chinese modern precious metal commemorative coins market experienced the depth adjustment for a period of time, began to pick up the good. Recently, in the Chinese Gold Coin Corporation official website, made by Chinese gold freelance writer, China modern noble metal coin expert Zhao Yansheng of the Chinese gold market in 2016 on the operation in the half year of presentation, comprehensive analysis the viewpoints that Chinese modern precious metal commemorative coins market has experienced a period of deep adjustment. And in the last year to stabilize stabilized, began to pick up the good. This article through the analysis of modern information system Chinese precious metal coins "statistical summary of the data, analyze the multiple angle structure change trend, from the price of the precious metal silver coins issued 2016 annuity value factor stock trend, the value of precious metals gold and silver coins and currency premium weights of the two factors and different currency price changes and currency. We can draw the following conclusions, changed weights of the two factor structure of the stock issued in 2016. Compared with 2015, the value of the value of the precious metal currency changes in the premium rate (commonly known as the material price ratio) decreased by 17.33%, the value of precious metals accounted for an increase of 20.97%, the proportion of currency premium accounted for a decrease of 21.90%. The above data show that in the first half of 2016, the market value of the total value of the precious metals prices played an extremely important role in the support, while the currency premium factor changes behind the rise in precious metals prices. The above content is from the perspective of the market as a whole, then the implementation of the majority of investors gathered around, what does that mean? First of all, the value of precious metals accounted for the increase, that the price of gold and silver coins are more close to the price of gold, for investors to buy the precious metal commemorative coins contained in the premium will be reduced, less investment cost; secondly, the value of precious metal commemorative coins is not only the precious metal value itself, even in the collection, said investment in precious metal commemorative coins when the material is not the first factor to consider, but the theme contains a commemorative gold and silver coins, the future rose also lies in this, the present situation brought about by the subject matter premium is compressed to a minimum, the biggest rise space in the future.相关的主题文章: