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Travel-and-Leisure There is so much to see and do when you travel to Thailand, which is more and more popular as a vacation destination with each passing day. If you take the time to check out all of the great events and activities it isnt hard to find entertainment well beyond your Hua Hin hotel. One of the most popular destinations for travelers is the Khao Luang Cave, which is located about 5 km to the north of Khao Wang. This cave is adorned with concrete staircases that lead up to the caves entrance, which is located on a 92 meter hill. This cave is actually regarded as being the most important and the largest cave in the Phetchaburi Province simple because there is a large ornamented Buddha statue in the cave that was built by King Rama V and was then dedicated to King Rama III. Plus, King Rama IV is enshrined in this cave. The Khao Luang Cave is not far from any Hua Hin beach resort or Hua Hin hotel and is definitely worth checking out. The cave is located in what was once a royal picnic site back when King Rama IV ruled. The spot was one of his favorites, which is why he demanded that many old Buddha images be renovated and restored. When you reach the entrance of the cave, you will see a large monastery to the right which was once known as Wat Tham Klaep. Today, it is known simply as Wat Bunthawi, and includes many things that are worthy of seeing if you can make the trip to visit the monastery while youre at the cave. There is a legend told by the natives in this area that the monastery is actually the entrance of a town that has inhabitants that are all young maidens. Additionally, there are architectural details and many elements worth seeing that you need to check out when you visit this great cave. To get to this cave, you simply take highway 4 from Bangkok and turn left at the first cross road, which is road 3173. You will drive for about 2 km to arrive at the foot of the hill, and parking is located atop the hill. When you reach the top, you can hire a guide that speaks English to give you the tour. These guides accept any fee that you are willing to give them. If you take a cab or other transportation to the Khao Luang Cave, you will be sure that your driver knows just where to go. While Hua Hin beach resort destinations are amazing and have all of the amenities, there are just some times when you need to get out and do something different. If this is the case for you, you should ensure that you check out the Khao Luang Cave to get a glimpse of the rich culture and history of this area. Its not just about all the new and impressive luxury Hua Hin hotel destinations when you visit this area. There is plenty more to see and do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: