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Arts-and-Entertainment Thanksgiving is here. It is the time for friends and families to gather around and spend quality and not-so-quality time together, but nevertheless, spending time together. It is the time where charities abound and gift-giving overflows. It is the time where most people feel monetarily rich, though in reality, credits are piling around. It is the time of the year where homecomings are mostly done. People would spend time and money preparing for their homecoming. In my case, I spent my time and resources for early scheduling and bookings to avail discounted deals and to avoid damages on my pockets. Damages are done on late bookings and re-bookings, especially when the season kicks-off. But the real damage is done once you get home! Once you arrived in your hometown, news would spread on how you’ve made it big on your career in the big city (wherever that may be). In a split of seconds, you would see carollers and charity-takers lined up in your doorways. Of course, you cannot just shoo them away! You would be spending some monetary amount on each of them, but take note that those small amounts would just pile up into great amounts. The spending would not just end there; friends and old classmates would call asking you to spend time with them. You cannot just say no, after all, you haven’t spent that great time with them and besides, it just happens once a year. Off you go with them, and so with some of your money! By the end of the season, you would just realize that there’s a huge hole in your pocket! You would return to that big city of yours and probably work yourself out to regain those huge amounts of money spent. In order to keep your pockets intact till the end of Thanksgiving, here’s what you could do: 1. Plan and book that flight/travel early. As I have mentioned, great damages are done on late bookings and re-bookings! As early as three months before the season kicks-off, you need to lock down that schedule and book your flight/travel. 2. Never broadcast to friends, relatives and family that you are coming home. You could benefit from this in two manners. First, it is good to throw surprises once in a while and what is more timely than Thanksgiving! Second, you would be able to limit your monetary spending to a couple of beloved ones only, mostly on direct contacts. 3. Learn to say "No" once in a while. You cannot say "Yes" to all the invitations and party once you arrived home. Thanksgiving is sometimes spent to rest and hibernate; to be intimate with close families and friends. With the limited time and resources, learn to say "No" to some of these invitations, that way, you could conserve some of your energy and money! 4. Do not present yourself as Santa Claus. In relation to tip #3, limit yourself. We all know that Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks for all the blessings and graces you have received for the whole year, but it does not mean those resources are limitless. It has a shelf-life and an expiration date. You cannot allow yourself to be paying credits all through out the year. 5. Remember that Thanksgiving is not about money spending. There are different ways to celebrate and enjoy the season of Thanksgiving. You do not need to spend all your hard-earned money to feel its spirit. Simple words and gestures coming and felt from the heart would go a long way and even resonate to people you come in contact with. Learn to celebrate Thanksgiving by not spending way too much money. In that way, you’ll be keeping your pocket intact as the season ends. Money is not equivalent to happiness. It does not guarantee genuine happiness. Learn to value the true spirit of Thanksgiving, and that is giving thanks! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: